The first pic was 9/1/09, the start of the change, and the second was 10/31/09, about week 8, around 18 pounds lost. Putting the pics side by side, I am not sure if I can see a huge difference size wise, but I definitely know that my pants fit better and I FEEL better. I feel more in control of my life and lots happier. All summer I avoided the camera, disgusted by my weight gain, but I’m starting to get over that as I approach the old me! The shorts I’m wearing in pic2 had gotten to wear they wouldn’t fit. Don’t get me wrong, they aren’t falling off me, but I can wear them comfortably…and that’s progress. Slow and steady…I’m fine with that, as long as I’m progressing somehow. I guess the reason I’m okay with slow progress is that I’m making slow changes. I still drink sometimes, I still eat out sometimes, I just do it less and am more aware of what I take in…LOTS more aware in fact…and I exercise.

I also wanted to include one more pic. This was from my birthday party night:

I included this because it was my first mini-goal met. I bought that T-shirt back in August. It’s nothing fancy, not a designer brand, in fact I think it came from TJ Maxx or some place like that…I just really liked the shirt. Anyway when I bought it, it would go over me, but was SKIN TIGHT. I mean, tigher than the actual flesh on my body. My goal was to wear it to my birhtdy party. I did! It wasn’t roomy, but it fit, so I was happy. I’m hoping in another month, it’ll be really comfortable! I think the thing I’m most excited about in all of this is getting back into the clothes I enjoyed so much last year. Again, they are nothing fancy, they are just a reminder of how good I felt at that size and motivation to be that way once again.