So, one of the goals I have been working on since I started back on 9-1-09 was to get my two miles on the treadmill down to 30 minutes. My average time was 32 minutes, walking between 3.5 and 3.8 (with some spurts of 4.5 included when I felt brave)….last week I got into the 31 minute range…but today I thought I’d just bust my ass and see what I could do.  And, I did it! In exactly 30 minutes.

No, literally. EXACTLY 30 minutes. I had to go up to 5.0 at times, and, while my lungs were about to bleed, I still did it. And true, it literally came down to one second. The timer was at 29:58 and at the same time the mileage was at 1.99.6 or something weird like that…I just knew I’d be a second or two over, and that would bother me because I’m a little OCD.  So now that I know I *can* do 2 miles in 30 minutes, it’s gonna take some adjustment to get to where I can do it somewhat comfortably. Wait, I know exercise isn’t supposed to be comfortable, but you know what I mean…just to the point where I’m not seeing the light from heaven as I’m about to faint.  I realize this probably isn’t a great time, and I’m sure most people can run 2 miles without adjusting the speed and probably 3 miles in 30 mintues, but this is a big deal in my exercise-hating world!

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Time for a nap 🙂