The weekend just flew by this time. I mean really. Is it already almost Monday AGAIN? At least it’s a short week!

Just wanted to recap the weekend as it was full of hurdles. We went to see two movies. Friday night we saw “New Moon” (it was awesome)…and I resisted the popcorn urge. I packed a fiber bar to munch on, but never got it out because the theater was SO packed of teens that I felt weird pulling out my smuggled in snack so I just had two mints.

Saturday I woke up and for some odd reason went totally nuts on the wheat thins first thing. After I realized what I had done, I used that as my breakfast. I also ate a very light lunch in anticipation for what I hoped would be a drinking/karaoke night later on, so I was saving calories…unsure of what fast food we’d have for supper. Long story short, I ended up eating a cup of Cambell’s light soup and some crackers for soup and NOT drinking….so double disappointment and a way low calorie day, just over 1300 total. I was sad it ended up being a boring night. Good thing I saved those calories because…

…Sunday was the big trip to Memphis to do a little shopping. I knew we’d be eating at Zaxby’s (tradition!) so I had a very light breakfast (a few crackers….) and I also knew I was getting popcorn this time as a treat. So at Zaxby’s I ate the strips and the toast (mmmm) and only had a few fries. So I could have done a lot worse. I lost my mind at the movies and got a medium buttered popcorn (and immediately felt guilty)…but then I went EXTRA crazy and poured some M AND M’s in it!  WHAT?  Luckily, I could only eat half of it (from guilt and from worrying about how many calories were in each bite…) before I put it down on the floor for good.  When I got home I had a deli chicken sandwich on wheat and like 5 chips for a really low cal supper. After adding everything up as best as I can, my calories were around 1705. Of course,  alot of this was estimated even though I looked EVERYTHING up. It’s hard to tell exactly how much popcorn I had or exactly how many fries I ate….but it’s a close estimate. I was expecting much worse, and am still obsessing over if this number is too low…it sure sounds that way.

I didn’t exercise Friday or today (Sunday), but I had a great, great workout on the treadmill yesterday. I was SO not into it but was able to get in 3 miles in a little under 47 mins. I was feeling it too.

One thing I have noticed is I really need new shoes. The ones I have are rubbing me the wrong way and making normal walking a chore now. Maybe Santa will bring me some!

Before I go, quick question to everyone: When you go out (or even if you don’t…when you eat something off your normal plan…) do you obsess constantly over the number of calories in it? Months ago I wouldn’t have thought twice about today. In fact, I would have had breakfast, the entire Zaxby’s meal, lots more popcorn, and we woulda stopped at another fast food place on the way home for a “real” supper.  I’m so glad I have a new outlook on life, but wonder if I’m the only one that obsesses about calories even when I”m having an awesome time.

By the way…the second movie I saw this weekend was “Precious”…and it was just amazing. Two thumbs way up. Now, if I can just see 2012 before it leaves theaters, I’ll be all caught up…for now!