Start (9/1/09): 234.8


Week 1 (9/8/09): 226 (-8.8)
Week 2 (9/15/09): 225.3 (-0.7)
Week 3 (9/22/09): 222.4 (-2.9)
Week 4 (9/29/09): 221.1 (-1.3)
Week 5 (10/6/09): 219.1 (-2)
Week 6 (10/13/09): 219.1 (No Loss)
Week 7 (10/20/09): 216.7 (-2.4)
Week 8 (10/27/09): 215.6 (-1.1)
Week 9 (11/3/09): 216.1 (+0.5)–Birthday week!!
Week 10 (11/10/09): 214.1 (-2.0)
Week 11 (11/19/09) 212.7 (-1.4)
Week 12 (11/26/09) 207.9 (-4.8!!!!!)

Total Loss: 26.9 pounds in twelve weeks

I was SO thrilled with this result. It’s the most I’ve lost in weeks and weeks and makes all of this worth it. Nothing could have made this a happier thanksgiving. I am only about 8 pounds away from my first goal, to be 200 by January 1, 2010.

Week 12 Calorie/Exercise Review:

Thu: 1640cals; Ex: 45min (3mi); Water: 96oz
Fri: 1578cals; Ex: 0; Water: 100oz
Sat: 1333cals; Ex: 47min (3mi); Water: 48oz
Sun: 1705cals (est-movies!); Ex: 0; Water: 40oz
Mon: 1423cals; Ex: 33min (2mi); Water: 96oz
Tue: 1600cals est (mexican); Ex: 30min; Water: 128oz
Wed: 1093cals; Ex: 45min (3mi) Water: 64oz (very light today due to last night’s mexican….and nervous about weigh-in!)

First, I definitely do a ton better on water on days I work, because there is the best tasting ice machine there and that inspires me to drink more water! Thoughts on the week: Tuesday night was the first time I had Mexican food in 3 months. It was heaven. I tried to estimate the calories, but I’m sure I was off. So therefore I ate VERY light breakfast, lunch, and snacks to allow for that!

Sunday was another iffy day. As I wrote about earlier, ate lunch at Zaxby’s and had movie popcorn…but again, I tried to allow for that by going low on breakfast and dinner (very low!) I’m really trying to learn the balance in having fun/eating with friends and keeping in line with the lifestyle change too. Oh, by the way, no alcohol again this week. Had planned on it Saturday night but I didn’t. I’m glad I didn’t now even though I missed it that night.

On the exercise front, I had five days of exercise this go round. I had company so it was hard to get in the impact I aim for a few days (I hate exercising in front of anyone!) but on Wednesday I set a new treadmill personal best for me (3 miles in 43:38)…I was WORKIN’ IT! All I kept thinking was “last chance workout!” (Biggest Loser reference)…as it was the day before Thanksgiving. Even on the days I didn’t kill myself exercising, I was glad I got a few miles in!

In closing, I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving to all. I’m thankful that I’ve changed my life for the better, but I’m even more thankful for each one of you that reads this and leaves me comments…it really helps keep me going on days that eating better is hard. And I really enjoy reading all about your journeys as well. I hope yall have a wonderful meal with your familes and friends!