Hi all!

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving holiday. I sure did…perhaps too good of one! I had five days off from work, which in some ways was what I was most thankful for! But I also had a good visit with my parents and puppies and yes…some really good food.  How much damage did I do? Read on!

On Thanksgiving Day (Thursday), I had the big successful weight loss (4.8lbs!!) so I was on cloud nine. But then it was time to eat and celebrate! My mom made 3 desserts (Chocolate Pie, Chocolate Cake, and 7-up Cake) as well as the usual Turkey, Dressing, Beans, and Crescent Rolls. There was other stuff like cranberry sauce and potato salad, but those are gross to me…lol.  Anyway, that day I brought a wrap from home to have for lunch to resist some temptation which worked…but then I ate a normal sized dinner and one piece of cake. Not disastrous, especially for the holiday.

Friday was a little worse, as all we did was sit around and visit and…well, eat! Mom made us a delicious breakfast and I had some dressing for lunch. For supper I had some turkey and two crescent rolls. Sadly, I also had banana pudding during the day and a piece of chocolate pie a few hours after the “smaller” supper.  Friday was a failure, me thinks. I wasn’t counting calories either day, instead trying to just sort of watch what I eat to an extent…and I didn’t do well Friday.

Saturday, we had another delicious home cooked breakfast before I headed back home.  I had a leftover piece of cake that day as well.  That night I had Chik Fila and also DRANK (!!!) so Saturday is another failure, overall. 

Sunday (today) has been much better. Was back on my water and had a turkey wrap for lunch and turkey again for dinner, no bread this time. It took me a day or two to get back, but I think I’ve found my spot on the wagon again 🙂

Tomorrow is back to regular life….water, water, water…and back to the exercise regimen! I enjoyed the break, in so many ways, but I definitely think I felt better when I was keeping up with what I was eating and exercising daily…if only for the proud feeling I had after a good progress day. I think my biggest regret in looking back over the holiday isn’t what I ate, but the fact that I didn’t exercise. I had planned on doing some at least Saturday and Sunday, but I CHOSE not to…and that’s what I feel so guilty about.

So in closing, Thanksgiving 2009 was fun while it lasted. I just hope I didn’t undo the good results I had this past week. But if so, I’ll just make up for it next week. The most important thing I’m trying to learn is that a bad day (or three) won’t undo all the progress I’ve made. Everyday starts fresh and is another chance to “get it right” and stay on track!    Hope everyone has a good week! Christmas is almost here!!