It’s Thursday again, so I’ve been nervous as hell all night in anticipation of weighing! Let’s get right to the results shall we?

Week 14:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 1 (9/8/09): 226 (-8.8)
Week 2 (9/15/09): 225.3 (-0.7)
Week 3 (9/22/09): 222.4 (-2.9)
Week 4 (9/29/09): 221.1 (-1.3)
Week 5 (10/6/09): 219.1 (-2)
Week 6 (10/13/09): 219.1 (No Loss)
Week 7 (10/20/09): 216.7 (-2.4)
Week 8 (10/27/09): 215.6 (-1.1)
Week 9 (11/3/09): 216.1 (+0.5)–Birthday week!!
Week 10 (11/10/09): 214.1 (-2.0)
Week 11 (11/19/09) 212.7 (-1.4)
Week 12 (11/26/09) 207.9 (-4.8!!!!!)
Week 13 (12/3/09) 209.2  (+1.3)–ugh.
Week 14 (12/10/09) 207.5 (-1.7)

Total Loss: 27.3  pounds in fourteen weeks

Thoughts: First, hopefully the Thanksgiving damage is done as I’m back down to the smile worthy weight I had that day before all hell broke loose! I’m not going to complain about the loss this week, because a loss is great, but I was hoping for a better number only because of how hard I’ve exercised (harder than ever before) this week coupled with no drinking and strict calorie limiting. But, nothing I can do to change it, so I’m just gonna thank the scale for what it gave me and keep pushing.

Speaking of the workouts, as all of you know, this was “marathon week”, hosted by Steve. The challenge was to walk/jog/run 26.2 miles in a week. I started off insanely well, then Saturday started hurting. But I continued “going through the pain” as they say on Sunday and Monday, but then two things happened. First, I found out the challenge actually ended Tuesday night at midnight, instead of Wed night at midnight. I had misread it, oops. So this meant I only had one day left to get in six miles to finish. I knew with the pain I was in this wasn’t possible. Then I thought I’d finish it “late” and would at least be finishing it, but I just couldn’t get through the pain on Tuesday. So I failed…sorry!  On the bright side, I DID set a new exercise record for myself, going a little over 20 miles in a week…which is incredible for me, Mr. Exercise Hater supreme. I’m especially proud of the three days I got in 4 miles each session…now that was tough! I’m hoping I can get in a walk tonight, even if it’s slower than usual. Even though I’m still hurting, the not exercising is leaving a guilt that hurts more in some ways!

Quick peek at this week’s calories/exercise/water:
Thu: Cals-1523; Ex-60 (4mi); W-110
Fri: Cals-1610; Ex-46 (3mi); W-100
Sat: Cals-2000 (est-party); Ex-32 (2mi); W-90
Sun: Cals-1750; Ex-48 (3mi); W-70
Mon: Cals-1610; Ex-62 (4mi); W-110
Tue: Cals-1588: Ex-0; W-40
Wed: Cals-1400; Ex-o; W-86

I did good on all 3 fronts I think. The only “off” day was Saturday, which would be impossible to calculate with all the nibbling while baking, but even with that I know it wasn’t out of control or anything. Exercise, as I said, was great, and water was good too.

I am 7.5 pounds away from my New Year’s goal to be 200 by 1/1/2010. That’s a lot when you look at how slow I lose, so I’m not sure if I’m gonna reach it, but I’m definitely gonna keep trying! 🙂

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