Thanks to Mya for the song title idea to steal for a Post Title!

Week 15 is ovah! And what a good week it was. In my life, that is. In my diet? Not so much. I knew it was gonna be a disaster. Monday was our “holiday cookie/candy swap” day at work and it was SO much fun…loaded with tons of candies and cookies and such. And I indulged, I admit it! I took the day off totally. And it was fun and delicious and life moved on.

The problem is, I kinda took the rest of the week off too. Over the weekend we ate out a bit, drank Saturday night, ate out Tuesday night with friends…it was like BOOM BOOM (POW) as far as roadblocks go.

And exercise? Don’t get me started! I was still “injured” Thursday, but the rest of the week? I did no workouts, unless shopping counts as cardio. No excuses at all, and trust me I’ve tried to think of a good one!

With all that said, I was super dreading this week’s weigh-in. In fact I had a bad dream about it last night. Crazy stuff. So here are the results!

Week 15:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 1 (9/8/09): 226 (-8.8)
Week 2 (9/15/09): 225.3 (-0.7)
Week 3 (9/22/09): 222.4 (-2.9)
Week 4 (9/29/09): 221.1 (-1.3)
Week 5 (10/6/09): 219.1 (-2)
Week 6 (10/13/09): 219.1 (No Loss)
Week 7 (10/20/09): 216.7 (-2.4)
Week 8 (10/27/09): 215.6 (-1.1)
Week 9 (11/3/09): 216.1 (+0.5)–Birthday week!!
Week 10 (11/10/09): 214.1 (-2.0)
Week 11 (11/19/09) 212.7 (-1.4)
Week 12 (11/26/09) 207.9 (-4.8!!!!!)
Week 13 (12/3/09) 209.2  (+1.3)–ugh.
Week 14 (12/10/09) 207.5 (-1.7)
Week 15 (12/17/09) 208.8 (+1.3)

Total Loss: 26.0  pounds in fifteen weeks

So…it could have been SO MUCH WORSE. And I was expecting it to be. I guess the only good point in the week is that while I did eat out a lot and splurge more, I tried to make up for it in other meals, eating light lunches and stuff. Oh, while we’re dissing me, one more thing…I didn’t count calories this week either. Granted, I had a running tally in my head all day each day, but I wasn’t logging them as accurately as before. It’s kinda hard to track the calories in brownies and cookies people bring to work 😉

So this week is gone and another is starting. Next Thursday is CHRISTMAS EVE!! So I plan to shed what I gained this week so I won’t go into Christmas day in the red again.  I would love to be all “Biggest Loser-ish” through the holidays, only eating lettuce and chicken breasts, but I’m just not that guy. I’m trying to enjoy my holidays with friends and family, and that includes the yummy foods that go along with them–just less of those foods. My weight since Thanksgiving has been a yo-yo effect going up and down just a little each week, but that’s fine since I haven’t been as committed with the holidays hovering.

Man I can ramble, can’t I? Hope all of yall have a good week leading into Christmas!!