How you duh-hin?  🙂

My good blogger/facebook friend Erin tagged me in her post “10 things that make me happy.”  Here’s my list. Some are silly…and yay to me for not listing Cherry Vodka or my famous chocolate chip cookies on the list (even tho they make me most happiest–off the record, of course!)  Why can’t they be calorie free?


Ten Things That Make Craig Happy:

1.  Scrapbooking–I love looking through old memories and designing pages to make the memories last forever. It’s so fun reliving good times, especially here lately when life has been so stressful due to the uncertainty of my job, how much I dislike said job, and being low on money in general. When I’m feeling down I can always pull out an album and remember good times, friends that have moved on in life, etc. It never ceases to amaze me how a photo can capture a fun memory and display it forever.

2.  Diet Snacks–From string cheese, to granwiches, to the INCREDIBLENESS that is “Diet Coke Cake”, I’m so thankful for these lower calorie options. Without them, I could never, ever make this lifestyle change…because I don’t like fruit (yes, it’s true) and I only eat like 3 vegetables.

3. My Ipod–I love it when I’m exercising…but it’s there for me all throughout my day: at work (UGH!), while I cook and clean, when I drive…it’s probably my most used possession!

4. My laptop–My second most used item (and some days, THE most used item…) it helps pass the time and also helps with my other hobbies. With it, I can communicate with you all, enjoy Facebook, SHOP, read, everything. I love it. Now if only my wireless card still worked!

5. My dog Sookie–Well, most of the time. I know she’s not a “thing” but I’m using her anyway. She’s about 9 months old now, so she’s usually on good behavior, so I guess I’ll put her on the list. I love how excited she is to see me when I get home (the feeling is mutual!)

6. Super Mario Brothers for Wii–again, most of the time! It’s such a tough game, but when I finally beat a world on there it’s as if I just ran a 5K  (as if…I wish I could!)

7. Clean Kitchen–I LOVE that feeling when you glance back at your kitchen and see the drainer full of clean dishes, the oven clean, all the stuff put away, and the sink shining. I’m OCD too, Erin!

8. Writing–My dream job would be to be a writer. I love working on short stories and the project I’m hoping to finally finish up this year. I do most of my thinking/brain storming in the shower. Is that weird? It’s like the steam from the hot water makes my mind so clear.

9. The “after exercise” feeling–I hate it, I hate it, I hate it…while it’s going on. Nothing can take my mind off the hate…fully…not a great movie, tv show, or song…but damn it feels good when you finish working out and, even when sore, you remember what you just did.

10. Cherry Coke Zero–Mmmmm. Now that’s some good shit!

I’m gonna tag everyone that reads this. For two reasons: One, I’m too lazy to go back to my homepage and retype everyone’s name from my link sections, and Two, I’m hoping any lurkers will comment so I can follow you too! You don’t have to do a long detailed list, just reply to my post with your ten things and I’ll be happy 🙂