Week 19 Results Time…move along, no good results to see here!

Week 19:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 1 (9/8/09): 226 (-8.8)
Week 2 (9/15/09): 225.3 (-0.7)
Week 3 (9/22/09): 222.4 (-2.9)
Week 4 (9/29/09): 221.1 (-1.3)
Week 5 (10/6/09): 219.1 (-2)
Week 6 (10/13/09): 219.1 (No Loss)
Week 7 (10/20/09): 216.7 (-2.4)
Week 8 (10/27/09): 215.6 (-1.1)
Week 9 (11/3/09): 216.1 (+0.5)
Week 10 (11/10/09): 214.1 (-2.0)
Week 11 (11/19/09) 212.7 (-1.4)
Week 12 (11/26/09) 207.9 (-4.8!!!!!)
Week 13 (12/3/09) 209.2  (+1.3)
Week 14 (12/10/09) 207.5 (-1.7)
Week 15 (12/17/09) 208.8 (+1.3)
Week 16 (12/24/09) 205.3 (-3.5)
Week 17 (12/31/09) 204.1 (-1.2)
Week 18 (1/7/10) 205.7  (+1.6)
Week 19 (1/14/10) 205.9  (+0.2)

Total Loss: 28.9 pounds in 19 weeks

It sucks to see my “Total Loss” number keep going down, but I’m so not surprised with this weigh-in. I haven’t been fully committed so I had this coming. I’m just glad it was “only” .2 that I gained.  But, I’m more on track now than I have been. I’ve exercised three times this week and my water intake is back up. I’m twittering my foods again to track them, and all the “bad junk food” from Christmas break is finally gone. Why didn’t I just throw it away? Hopefully there will be clear skies from here on!

And now…I wanna try something new. Week 19: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly:

The Good: I didn’t drink alcohol this week (making it two straight weeks!)
The Bad: I had an urge to try a new recipe, so I made some DELICIOUS Peanut Butter Bars–tasted awesome, but very fattening. I gave half of them away, and was gonna take the other half to work, allowing myself two as a treat.
The Ugly: I took my coworkers none and ate the other half myself. I wasn’t feeling well (back pains) over the weekend and missed work Monday and half of Tuesday so needless to say, this mouse nibbled away here and there until they were all gone. I have no real excuse…dang they were good.

The Good: I exercised three days this week (Sunday/Tuesday/Wednesday)
The Bad: I had planned on exercising 5 days of the 7.
The Ugly: My back pain…ugh. It hurts like a sonofabeeech, but I think it’s gotten better since Monday!

The Good: I walked 6 miles this week.
The Bad: I had planned on walking 10 miles this week.
The Ugly: I still have 92 miles to walk in The Perfect 10 challenge, and 492 miles to walk by 12/31/10.  Ugh! Someone make me love exercise. Please?

The Good: I was able to add jogging intervals into my walks, and Wed night was alternating jogging sessions in either 60-90 second sessions, when I could.
The Bad: I wasn’t able to jog as much as I want to in my head.
The Ugly: The image of me sweating and gasping for air after trying to jog.

Ok I thought I had more clever ideas for Good/Bad/Ugly but I’m drawing a blank. Doing this post at work really makes it hard to concentrate.

Quick Perfect 10 Update:
-Walk/Jog 100 miles (by the end of the challenge)–I added six miles to my list, which is a big improvement from last week’s whopping TWO miles. I’m definitely back on the exercise track!-Do strength training/toning exercises three times a week (via DVD’s and the Wii Biggest Loser game)–I only did this once this week.

-Complete 3 sections of my big writing project–Did  a little more planning and brainstorming, but no writing this week. If I could stop READING some maybe I could get stuff done!

-Lose ten pounds–Awwwkwarrrrrd!  (Ummm, no.)

-Set at least one goal for the day, no matter how small, and reach it, everyday. —Completed EVERYDAY! I love this. I make a small goal, sometimes more than one, and it makes me get stuff done!

-Drink at least 80 ounces of water each day–I did this about four days. When I’m home I don’t do good on water for some reason.

(EDIT)–Something unique about myself is that I love to scrapbook. I know it’s a rare hobby for guys, but I love it. Most “scrappers” are women that scrap about their family and children…but I like to scrap about my friends, parties, places I go like concerts, and vacations. It’s as artsy as I get, getting to design each page and preserve memories forever. I’m huge into pictures and take way too many and this is one of my favorite hobbies!

Well, another week has come and gone. I realize my exercise was lackluster and I did gain weight, but is it weird that I’m okay with these results? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not HAPPY, but last week when I did my post I was like “yeah, I gained…oh well”, but this week I feel like I’m more back into the program and a ton more focused. I can do this! I have 1.8 pounds of extra baggage to shed before I get back down to my happy weight of two weeks ago. My weekend goals are to remember as much as I love to cook, I am NOT Betty Crocker, so no baking cookies, brownies, etc when I get bored. Also, to hopefully not have alcohol. We’ll see.  Hope everyone is doing well!