I really think I would exercise (at least) a little more if I could put this book down! It’s so good! I’m around page 400 and loving it.  If it starts to suck I’ll warn everyone, but so far I’m looooooovvvvvvvvvvvin it!

Stephen King: Under The Dome

Hope everyone had a good weekend! I did. It was quiet and low key, unlike last Sunday’s day of feasting and the shopping spree! I ate okay over the weekend, well Sunday had a few rough spots, but nothing like last week.  Didn’t exercise any, but worked on my hobbies a lot for my mental health 🙂
I’m back on track today with water, exercise, and calorie counting.

On a sidenote…please keep my sweet dog Phoebe in your thoughts and prayers, if you have room…she has serious back problems as most weenie dogs do. She’s mostly my mom’s dog, even though I brought her home. Since I moved out in 2004 mom took her over and now they are like BFF’s. Anyway the doctor is wanting to do surgery and it’s not looking good–like, her back paws are giving out and starting to fail her. It’s so sad because she’s such a sweetie. Here’s a pic in case you don’t believe me:

Yes, we dress them up sometimes. Don't judge!

I guess that’s about it…it’s Monday night so that means wrestling night! Time to unwind after a long day at work.  Good luck to everyone that’s weighing in tomorrow! (or tonight…or Wed…or Thu…or even Fri!) 🙂