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Week 25 Results:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 18 (1/7/10) 205.7  (+1.6)
Week 19 (1/14/10) 205.9  (+0.2)
Week 20 (1/21/10) 205.3 (-0.6)
Week 21 (1/28/10) 203  (-2.3)
Week 22 (2/4/10) 203.3  (+0.3)
Week 23 (2/11/10) 204.6 (+1.3)
Week 24 (2/18/10) 204.1 (-0.5)
Week 25 (2/25/10) 204.4 (+0.3)

Total Loss: 30.4 pounds in 25 weeks

Comments: This whole “new lifestyle” is starting to get old.  Don’t stone me. This morning after another shitty weigh-in, I came to work with my boring breakfast and saw my skinny coworkers chowing down on chocolate gravy and biscuits. No, seriously. I was like, you’ve gotta be kidding me.  Anyway, nothing new to report here. I watched what I ate (could have done much better tho), exercised four days, and drank lots of water. Still the same yo-yo effect going on. I know it’s my food,  had a few bumps in the road this week. Next week I’m gonna try to keep track of calories better and see how that goes. I was looking forward to a  good number because I actually behaved ALL weekend, with no drinking OR baking! But that’s the way the cookie crumbles (ha.)  It’s kinda pointless to have a weight loss blog when you gain and lose the same pound or two for two months!

Perfect Ten Update (Week 8):

Walk/Jog 100 miles (by the end of the challenge)–I did 11 miles this week, for a total of 68 for the challenge. That leaves 32 miles to do in two weeks. Yikes. For an exercise-hater like me, that’s not good to hear.

-Do strength training/toning exercises three times a week (via DVD’s and the Wii Biggest Loser game)–Only once this week.

-Complete 3 sections of my big writing project–I didn’t get any writing done this week.

-Lose ten pounds–LOL.

-Set at least one goal for the day, no matter how small, and reach it, everyday. –This one is still going well, everyday.

-Drink at least 80 ounces of water each day–5 out of 7 days, pretty good.

Something unknown about myself: I own over 1300 wrestling tapes/DVD’s. I’m a collector 🙂

That’s it for this week. Hope everyone is doing well in their own diet/exercise program.


Week 24…doesn’t that mean this is 6 months? Wow I’ve stuck with this a pretty long time, for me at least!  Here’s the weekly report. It wasn’t bad news and I’m baffled as to why not:

Week 24 Results:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 18 (1/7/10) 205.7  (+1.6)
Week 19 (1/14/10) 205.9  (+0.2)
Week 20 (1/21/10) 205.3 (-0.6)
Week 21 (1/28/10) 203  (-2.3)
Week 22 (2/4/10) 203.3  (+0.3)
Week 23 (2/11/10) 204.6 (+1.3)
Week 24 (2/18/10) 204.1 (-0.5)

Total Loss: 30.7 pounds in 24 weeks

Comments: I am absolutely astonished at these results. I have had, hands down, the WORST food week since I started this back on 9/1/10.  I was expecting at least a 5 pound gain with all the cookies and chocolate I inhaled over V-day. Plus the night of drinking and karaoke. It was my first night drinking alcohol in a month! But I guess luck was on my side. Now, I’m going on record to say I still believe my body is “behind” as far as when I get punished for bad choices. So while I’m fully back on the wagon and more dedicated than ever, I am not gonna be upset if next week is a bad results week because I know some of the mega calories I’ve taken in this week  carry over to next week, they just have to. Anyway, I’m very happy to report a loss but weary to celebrate it too hard. I certainly don’t deserve it, but I’ll take it! I did good on water, awful on food (except lunches), ridiculous on snacking (especially Valentine’s day weekend and the couple of days afterwards), and not that great on exercise. I think I logged about 7 miles for the week which is not good. But it’s over now and I’m focused on week 25!

Oh, interesting stat: Six months down, so my average loss is 5 pounds per month. Which is alright, except for the fact that since 2010 started I have been going up and down the same 3 pounds back and forth. I’m hoping to do better on this now that I’m more serious. Vacation is next month and I’d love to be a few pounds lighter!!

Perfect Ten Update (Week 7):

Walk/Jog 100 miles (by the end of the challenge)–I only did 7 miles for the week–which is something, but not good. My total is 57 miles. I have a lot of catching up to do!

-Do strength training/toning exercises three times a week (via DVD’s and the Wii Biggest Loser game)–Only once this week. Ugh. I’m gonna start over on the 100 Squats/Situps challenge since I got off track this week.

-Complete 3 sections of my big writing project–NO WRITING AT ALL for the week! Booo.

-Lose ten pounds–Well, I did lose 0.5 this week, but this goes towards my gain from last week.

-Set at least one goal for the day, no matter how small, and reach it, everyday. –Still doing great on this. I highly recommend this challenge to get nagging stuff done everyday!

-Drink at least 80 ounces of water each day–4 out of 7 days this time. Monday was a holiday for us at work so I was at home, where apparently I am allergic to all water except that found in the shower.

Something unknown about myself: I LOVE amusement parks. Especially Six Flags in Atlanta. As a child I was terrified of rollercoasters, especially the ones that went upside down. Then as a teenager I was too huge to fit on the rides. In my early twenties when I got down small enough to fit in and buckle the seatbelt, I took my first ride and was hooked. We made Atlanta trips about ten times over the course of the summer of 2005 and went to Six Flags as much as possible. When they opened the “Goliath” coaster I rode it ten times back to back. It’s like an addiction…I LOVE THEM! I didn’t get to go any last year and I hope this summer I can go at least once!

Ok that’s all for this week…be good to yourself; and, each other!

Week 23 Results:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 18 (1/7/10) 205.7  (+1.6)
Week 19 (1/14/10) 205.9  (+0.2)
Week 20 (1/21/10) 205.3 (-0.6)
Week 21 (1/28/10) 203  (-2.3)
Week 22 (2/4/10) 203.3  (+0.3)
Week 23 (2/11/10) 204.6 (+1.3)

Total Loss: 30.2 pounds in 23 weeks

Comments: Well, the upward trend continued. I did good on water and exercise but not so good at food so I really can’t go on a “why did this happen to me” type rant this week. I know why, and it just sucks. I didn’t drink alcohol yet again, but I did snack on bad foods a lot. I hate that my legs and feet are aching and I still gained.  Oh well, what’s done is done. I’m hoping for a loss this week even though I have some plans this weekend that could provide some more bumps in the road, but that’s life 🙂    To all my blogging friends that didn’t lose OR gain this week, I’m so jealous. I wish I could have stayed in your “I maintained!” group!  If I *EVER* get under 200, I will run around the apartment in a celebration never before seen in Mississippi.

Today I’m realllllly annoyed about something. My coworkers eat so bad. I mean it’s good, country cooking that I would kill to eat everyday, but still. I walk in with my same turkey wrap I eat every morning, and I just walked through the break room and saw 3 people eating these HUGE platters of biscuits, gravy, big thick pieces of country ham and bacon, and scrambled eggs. They eat bad for breakfast then always a fast food lunch and nobody seems to gain weight. I was doing the mental calculation on what the calories of the breakfast platters would be (average) and was just like WOW. I don’t get it how I gain and I follow my rules pretty well (not perfectly) yet they eat terrrrrible everyday and seem fine. And I’m 99% sure none of them exercise. Damn my genetics!!!

Perfect Ten Update (Week 6):

Walk/Jog 100 miles (by the end of the challenge)–I logged eleven miles for the week and finally hit the halfway point of 50 miles total in the challenge. So I’m like a week behind schedule, I need to play catchup. I was at 49 last night after my workout, so I did an extra mile before bed so I would be halfway at the time I wrote this update. For the week, I jogged a little, but not like I should be. I hate it!

-Do strength training/toning exercises three times a week (via DVD’s and the Wii Biggest Loser game)–Two days, which is better than I’ve been doing. I’ve started both the 200 Squats and 200 Situps challenges this week so that will keep me on target on this challenge I think.

-Complete 3 sections of my big writing project–I wrote about half a page. I’m very behind on this. But, I did finish Under The Dome (LOVED IT–great great great read!)

-Lose ten pounds–No comment. You can tell I’m NOT doing well on this one.

-Set at least one goal for the day, no matter how small, and reach it, everyday. –Love it, did it everyday, working so well.

-Drink at least 80 ounces of water each day–5 out of 7 days as usual. I did better on water this weekend, but still not 80 ounces.

Something unknown about myself: Everyone knows I dislike all fruits and most veggies (yes, I’m weird) but my MOST hated veggie is probably tomatoes. (Or are they fruits? I never figured out which side won that argument).  Anyway, just the SIGHT of a sliced tomato makes my stomach turn.  The dripping juice, the seeds falling out, the SMELL…ugh!  Oddly enough, I like ketchup. I sure wish I could have this disgust feeling towards cookies or chocoate 🙂

Hope yall have a good weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day!

For the second time in about 3 weeks, Mississippi got snow–this time, it was a just a LOT of snow and no ice. I mean the old fashioned, I love being a kid, let’s build a snowman kind of snow. So I did!! YAY!!!  This rules–although I can see how it would get old to live in this everyday!   And yes, if you’re wondering, the town has shut down 🙂

Let it snow!

my car buried!

pretty trees!


My snowman–stylin’ and profilin! WHOOOOO!!! With a Cheez-It nose and Build-A-Bear sunglasses!

automatic BFF's!

I love it!

It’s fun feelin’ like a kid again!!  Speaking of…the kids next door were outside throwing snowballs and making their own snowman. I didn’t feel out of place at all being the only “grown-up” out there!

So guess what? I finished UNDER THE DOME!!!!  1070 pages. with my A-D-D, that’s huge! The last 180 pages I couldn’t stop yesterday/last night…just awesome! I highly, highly recommend this book. It’s the best book I’ve read in a long time (and another thing off my NYResolutions list!)

Some more random stuff:

–I also love the show “Modern Family” on ABC. Do you watch it? If not, you should. It’s LOL funny.

–The Paula Deen buffet was great as usual. On the way home I was thinking of what all I ate and how much “damage” I did. I swore I would enjoy it and not think about it, which I did, but on the way home I couldn’t help myself. Looking back, I didn’t do that bad. Even on the desserts. Especially if you factor in the whole “it’s a buffet” thing. I’m not a fan of buffets usually, but Paula’s is great. I was able to sample lots of foods and enjoy several things. The items that did damage, I’d guess, would be the mac and cheese or the two biscuits I ate. Everything else I nibbled on! 🙂

–Oh, and as far as the casino…I came home $10 less than I went with. But, for the first time ever I was able to play for over two hours with that result. I’m not lucky, so usually I lose everything within 15 minutes but this time I was able to have fun and play longer!

–The rest of the weekend was fun. No huge damage. I didn’t do any drinking or baking. I figured I’d let the buffet be the misbehaving part 🙂  

–I’m thinking of trying either the “200 Squats” or “200 Situps” challenge that others are starting tomorrow. Pushups are impossible for me, but the others would be a challenge I could actually try. I’ll decide by tomorrow! As far as challenges go, I hope to log more miles this week and since I finished UtD, I hope to do a good bit of writing this week as well. We’ll see!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Week 22 Results:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 1 (9/8/09): 226 (-8.8)
Week 2 (9/15/09): 225.3 (-0.7)
Week 3 (9/22/09): 222.4 (-2.9)
Week 4 (9/29/09): 221.1 (-1.3)
Week 5 (10/6/09): 219.1 (-2)
Week 6 (10/13/09): 219.1 (No Loss)
Week 7 (10/20/09): 216.7 (-2.4)
Week 8 (10/27/09): 215.6 (-1.1)
Week 9 (11/3/09): 216.1 (+0.5)
Week 10 (11/10/09): 214.1 (-2.0)
Week 11 (11/19/09) 212.7 (-1.4)
Week 12 (11/26/09) 207.9 (-4.8!!!!!)
Week 13 (12/3/09) 209.2  (+1.3)
Week 14 (12/10/09) 207.5 (-1.7)
Week 15 (12/17/09) 208.8 (+1.3)
Week 16 (12/24/09) 205.3 (-3.5)
Week 17 (12/31/09) 204.1 (-1.2)
Week 18 (1/7/10) 205.7  (+1.6)
Week 19 (1/14/10) 205.9  (+0.2)
Week 20 (1/21/10) 205.3 (-0.6)
Week 21 (1/28/10) 203  (-2.3)
Week 22 (2/4/10) 203.3  (+0.3)

Total Loss: 31.5 pounds in 22 weeks

Thoughts: This will be as short as possible because I’m super annoyed right now. My legs are sore from the extra miles I’ve tried to add in…and my bladder hurts from the hundreds of ounces of water I drank all week…and I gained. A small gain, but still. I did yet another weekend of NO drinking and…gained. Instead of whining for paragraphs I’ll just say I guess the blame can be on my Pizza Hut Sunday during the WWE Royal Rumble show. But I had fun and enjoyed it, so what can ya do? I definitely tried hard and it’s getting to the points where Wednesday nights I have this feeling of dread about what the scale is going to say the next morning. Life goes on and the yo-yo that is my weight still hovers around the same point.

Perfect 10 Update–Week 5

Walk/Jog 100 miles (by the end of the challenge)–I walked twelve  (yay) miles this week for a total of 39 towards my goal of 100. It’s the halfway point and I’m not at 50 miles yet so I need to work on that. I did a little jogging but nothing great–and obviously not enough to make weight loss happen.

-Do strength training/toning exercises three times a week (via DVD’s and the Wii Biggest Loser game)–One time yet again. Fail.

-Complete 3 sections of my big writing project–I didn’t get any writing done. But, I read hundreds of pages of Under The Dome and did like 10 pages in my scrapbook. So my hobbies were definitely tended to this week.

-Lose ten pounds–Back on the wrong side of the line yet again, with a 0.3 gain.

-Set at least one goal for the day, no matter how small, and reach it, everyday. –Doing great on this still–success each day.

-Drink at least 80 ounces of water each day–Done each work day. Averaged around 120 ounces during work days and only about 40 on Sat/Sun.

Something unknown about myself: When I was about four years old, I was climbing on a gun cabinet (dumbass!) and it toppled over and cut me all over my body from head to toe. I had to be rushed to the ER and everything. I came thisclose to severing something major in my neck. I still have a big scar on my neck from the incident. Funniest thing–I called the doctor a “jackass” while I was being worked on (at age 4)…and ironically, I wasn’t the least bit overweight at that age.  Imagine how quickly that cabinet would lean over a few years later when I started to chunk up!

Alright yall–I’m aggrivated so I’m going to sign off now. We are about to have a big meeting about the future of our jobs. Yay. This weekend it’s the early Valentine’s Day celebration…I’m so excited. To avoid the crowds and jacked up prices of next weekend we are going to Tunica, MS to Paula Deen’s buffet to eat and do a little gambling. It’s the best food ever down there and I plan to make Paula Deen proud! Look out scale. If I gain weight on a week when I do mostly good, it scares me to think how bad I’d do on a week if I totally went wild. SCARY. I’m not going wild for the week, but for Saturday…no promises.

Just wondering:

Is it weird that one of the first things I think about when I wake up on weekdays is which of my online friends is weighing in that day? It’s like I look forward to it way too much.

Everyone knows I really dislike my job, so most weekdays are big time bummers when I wake up. Especially since I’m not a morning person. But here lately I wake up thinking…ok it’s Tuesday let’s see how Steve did. Or on Wednesdays I know that Tyler weighs. Thursdays is, of course, MY weigh-in day…so I wake up with a little bit of excitement and a whoooole lotta dread. I am still learning everyone’s patterns, especially my new friends, but I believe my Friday weigh-in I stalk is Brandon, and Saturday is Chad. I could have those mixed up. Don’t worry, it’s not like I don’t look at everyone’s sites each day–or try to unless work is crazy.  I think Josie does Mondays. Am I right so far? 🙂
I still haven’t learned Jay’s schedule, but I”m trying.

Added onto that following Jeremy’s weigh-ins (especially his biggest loser TV segment updates!! if I could just figure out how to effing subscribe to his blog via email!), Steve’s weekly motivations, weigh-ins, and Perfect 10 updates, plus Erin’s updates (especially her hardcore trainer sessions that make me sweat just thinkin’ about them), Mary’s (or is it Merry–still haven’t learned that…) encouraging posts and fun-as-hell-looking New Zealand pics, and Jessie’s H-I-LARIOUS blog posts…well, what I’m tryin’  to say is that I really enjoy following everyone’s progress and that I hope you all know how much your posts keep me going, especially when it’s time to climb on the treadmill and I’m just not feeling it–which is often.

Before I go…if I left you out and you’re reading this–when do you weigh in? Trust me, I’d be GLAD to add you to the list of things I look forward to when I wake up.

Nope–that didn’t sound creepy at ALL!



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