Just wondering:

Is it weird that one of the first things I think about when I wake up on weekdays is which of my online friends is weighing in that day? It’s like I look forward to it way too much.

Everyone knows I really dislike my job, so most weekdays are big time bummers when I wake up. Especially since I’m not a morning person. But here lately I wake up thinking…ok it’s Tuesday let’s see how Steve did. Or on Wednesdays I know that Tyler weighs. Thursdays is, of course, MY weigh-in day…so I wake up with a little bit of excitement and a whoooole lotta dread. I am still learning everyone’s patterns, especially my new friends, but I believe my Friday weigh-in I stalk is Brandon, and Saturday is Chad. I could have those mixed up. Don’t worry, it’s not like I don’t look at everyone’s sites each day–or try to unless work is crazy.  I think Josie does Mondays. Am I right so far? 🙂
I still haven’t learned Jay’s schedule, but I”m trying.

Added onto that following Jeremy’s weigh-ins (especially his biggest loser TV segment updates!! if I could just figure out how to effing subscribe to his blog via email!), Steve’s weekly motivations, weigh-ins, and Perfect 10 updates, plus Erin’s updates (especially her hardcore trainer sessions that make me sweat just thinkin’ about them), Mary’s (or is it Merry–still haven’t learned that…) encouraging posts and fun-as-hell-looking New Zealand pics, and Jessie’s H-I-LARIOUS blog posts…well, what I’m tryin’  to say is that I really enjoy following everyone’s progress and that I hope you all know how much your posts keep me going, especially when it’s time to climb on the treadmill and I’m just not feeling it–which is often.

Before I go…if I left you out and you’re reading this–when do you weigh in? Trust me, I’d be GLAD to add you to the list of things I look forward to when I wake up.

Nope–that didn’t sound creepy at ALL!