For the second time in about 3 weeks, Mississippi got snow–this time, it was a just a LOT of snow and no ice. I mean the old fashioned, I love being a kid, let’s build a snowman kind of snow. So I did!! YAY!!!  This rules–although I can see how it would get old to live in this everyday!   And yes, if you’re wondering, the town has shut down 🙂

Let it snow!

my car buried!

pretty trees!


My snowman–stylin’ and profilin! WHOOOOO!!! With a Cheez-It nose and Build-A-Bear sunglasses!

automatic BFF's!

I love it!

It’s fun feelin’ like a kid again!!  Speaking of…the kids next door were outside throwing snowballs and making their own snowman. I didn’t feel out of place at all being the only “grown-up” out there!