So guess what? I finished UNDER THE DOME!!!!  1070 pages. with my A-D-D, that’s huge! The last 180 pages I couldn’t stop yesterday/last night…just awesome! I highly, highly recommend this book. It’s the best book I’ve read in a long time (and another thing off my NYResolutions list!)

Some more random stuff:

–I also love the show “Modern Family” on ABC. Do you watch it? If not, you should. It’s LOL funny.

–The Paula Deen buffet was great as usual. On the way home I was thinking of what all I ate and how much “damage” I did. I swore I would enjoy it and not think about it, which I did, but on the way home I couldn’t help myself. Looking back, I didn’t do that bad. Even on the desserts. Especially if you factor in the whole “it’s a buffet” thing. I’m not a fan of buffets usually, but Paula’s is great. I was able to sample lots of foods and enjoy several things. The items that did damage, I’d guess, would be the mac and cheese or the two biscuits I ate. Everything else I nibbled on! 🙂

–Oh, and as far as the casino…I came home $10 less than I went with. But, for the first time ever I was able to play for over two hours with that result. I’m not lucky, so usually I lose everything within 15 minutes but this time I was able to have fun and play longer!

–The rest of the weekend was fun. No huge damage. I didn’t do any drinking or baking. I figured I’d let the buffet be the misbehaving part 🙂  

–I’m thinking of trying either the “200 Squats” or “200 Situps” challenge that others are starting tomorrow. Pushups are impossible for me, but the others would be a challenge I could actually try. I’ll decide by tomorrow! As far as challenges go, I hope to log more miles this week and since I finished UtD, I hope to do a good bit of writing this week as well. We’ll see!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!