Week 24…doesn’t that mean this is 6 months? Wow I’ve stuck with this a pretty long time, for me at least!  Here’s the weekly report. It wasn’t bad news and I’m baffled as to why not:

Week 24 Results:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 18 (1/7/10) 205.7  (+1.6)
Week 19 (1/14/10) 205.9  (+0.2)
Week 20 (1/21/10) 205.3 (-0.6)
Week 21 (1/28/10) 203  (-2.3)
Week 22 (2/4/10) 203.3  (+0.3)
Week 23 (2/11/10) 204.6 (+1.3)
Week 24 (2/18/10) 204.1 (-0.5)

Total Loss: 30.7 pounds in 24 weeks

Comments: I am absolutely astonished at these results. I have had, hands down, the WORST food week since I started this back on 9/1/10.  I was expecting at least a 5 pound gain with all the cookies and chocolate I inhaled over V-day. Plus the night of drinking and karaoke. It was my first night drinking alcohol in a month! But I guess luck was on my side. Now, I’m going on record to say I still believe my body is “behind” as far as when I get punished for bad choices. So while I’m fully back on the wagon and more dedicated than ever, I am not gonna be upset if next week is a bad results week because I know some of the mega calories I’ve taken in this week  carry over to next week, they just have to. Anyway, I’m very happy to report a loss but weary to celebrate it too hard. I certainly don’t deserve it, but I’ll take it! I did good on water, awful on food (except lunches), ridiculous on snacking (especially Valentine’s day weekend and the couple of days afterwards), and not that great on exercise. I think I logged about 7 miles for the week which is not good. But it’s over now and I’m focused on week 25!

Oh, interesting stat: Six months down, so my average loss is 5 pounds per month. Which is alright, except for the fact that since 2010 started I have been going up and down the same 3 pounds back and forth. I’m hoping to do better on this now that I’m more serious. Vacation is next month and I’d love to be a few pounds lighter!!

Perfect Ten Update (Week 7):

Walk/Jog 100 miles (by the end of the challenge)–I only did 7 miles for the week–which is something, but not good. My total is 57 miles. I have a lot of catching up to do!

-Do strength training/toning exercises three times a week (via DVD’s and the Wii Biggest Loser game)–Only once this week. Ugh. I’m gonna start over on the 100 Squats/Situps challenge since I got off track this week.

-Complete 3 sections of my big writing project–NO WRITING AT ALL for the week! Booo.

-Lose ten pounds–Well, I did lose 0.5 this week, but this goes towards my gain from last week.

-Set at least one goal for the day, no matter how small, and reach it, everyday. –Still doing great on this. I highly recommend this challenge to get nagging stuff done everyday!

-Drink at least 80 ounces of water each day–4 out of 7 days this time. Monday was a holiday for us at work so I was at home, where apparently I am allergic to all water except that found in the shower.

Something unknown about myself: I LOVE amusement parks. Especially Six Flags in Atlanta. As a child I was terrified of rollercoasters, especially the ones that went upside down. Then as a teenager I was too huge to fit on the rides. In my early twenties when I got down small enough to fit in and buckle the seatbelt, I took my first ride and was hooked. We made Atlanta trips about ten times over the course of the summer of 2005 and went to Six Flags as much as possible. When they opened the “Goliath” coaster I rode it ten times back to back. It’s like an addiction…I LOVE THEM! I didn’t get to go any last year and I hope this summer I can go at least once!

Ok that’s all for this week…be good to yourself; and, each other!