Hello and Happy Friday!

A few weeks ago, my blog friend Brandon did a post about how the weekends are such an obstacle in our diet/exercise programs. I know they always are for me. It seems there’s always a party to go to, a special dinner, or just lots of free time to snack. Not to mention tons of excuses for not exercising. So in a comment to him, I suggested we do a challenge one weekend where we all set goals and see how we do that Monday. Well, the time has come for that challenge! It’s called The Weekend Warrior challenge  and there’s still time to sign up! Just click that link and leave a comment linking back to your own blog post with your goals.

Here is what I’m hoping to accomplish this weekend:

1. FOOD–I’m hoping to stay around 2000 calories Saturday and Sunday. The tricky part is gonna be both days I have something going on. Saturday is dinner at O’Charley’s (my fav!) and Sunday is dinner at my parents, who I haven’t seen in like two months! Here I go already with excuses! But this time, I’m planning ahead. I’m gonna go light on the meals/snacks on the other meals of the day and try to make better choices at those dinners to stay within my calorie range.

2. EXERCISE–My big goal is to work on my mileage for the Perfect Ten. I think I have like 21 miles to do in a week? Nutty. I might not finish, but I’m damn sure gonna try! I’m hoping for at least 30 minutes both Sat and Sun to work on this.

3. WATER–For once, I’d like to get my 80oz in on both Sat and Sundays. It’s easy to do Mon-Fri, let’s see how it is when it’s part of a challenge.

4. AVOID–Above all else, my plan is to avoid all alcohol and no baking! This one should be easy since I’m so motivated (and after last Saturday’s BOYS NIGHT OUT I’m not in the mood to drink…)  Plus next weekend is VACATION~! so it’ll be easy to take the weekend off from my bff vodka! 🙂

Good luck to everyone in the challenge! I’m excited to see how everyone does!!