It’s time for the results of my part of the WEEKEND WARRIORS CHALLENGE!! I want to again thank Brandon for hosting! It’s been so much fun (well, as fun as a weekend of exercising and calorie counting CAN be…)   Here’s how I did:

1. FOOD–Goal was to stay around 2000 calories Sat/Sunday. The tricky part was Saturday I knew we were having dinner at O’Charley’s (my fav!) during SHOPPING SPREE DAY and that Sunday was steak night with my parents who I haven’t seen in two months! So here’s the deal: I think I didn’t do so well at O’Charley’s. I tried, tho. I had the menu pulled up at home trying to plan ahead. When I got there, it was another story when the rolls were actually in front of me. They are my kryptonite! Luckily I had planned by eating a VERY light breakfast and I took my leftovers home for supper! Oh and I had no snacks all day either. It was hard to figure up my calories but I estimated it was between 2300–2500, but that could be way over. Then Sunday I did better (trying to make up for Sat…) so I went very light on breakfast/lunch (I mean verrrry light) and at supper I had a few bites of steak, a grilled chicken breast (my dad made this for me on request b/c he knows I’m dieting!), and of course my baked potato. I cut corners where I could to do well on calories, but I still wanted to enjoy my dinner/time with my parents. I don’t wanna go too overboard on this thing. Of course I don’t have a definite number for Sunday, but just estimating and going by what I put on my potato, etc I know I didn’t go over my 2000 limit for Sunday, I just don’t know how much I ‘made up’ for on Saturday…so I’ll give myself a C+ or a B- for food, but at least I didn’t eat sweets all weekend like I usually do! So THAT’S a win!

2. EXERCISE–I wanted to work on my mileage for the impossibility of what I have left in that damn Perfect Ten Challenge! I was able to get six miles done this weekend. I did ONE HOUR of walking Saturday and then thirty minutes on Sunday! I’m happy. I really wanna try and finish strong on this challenge. I’m so ready to get off the treadmill and do a different exercise tho. I feel like one of those hamsters in the pet store walking on there so much! I probably walked an extra mile Saturday during my SHOPPING SPREE, but I don’t know for sure so I didn’t log it. Btw, I got so many new outfits for cheap prices. I love a bargain!

3. WATER–Goal was to get 80oz on both Saturday and Sunday. For the first time in New Lifestyle HISTORY, I did this on both weekend days! Booyah! And actually, on Sunday, I probably got about 100 in!

4. AVOID–Goal was to avoid baking and drinking alcohol…done! This was a piece of cake (pun intended)…because THIS coming weekend is vacation!! Whooo hooo trip out of town and I SHALL be drinkin’ then! But not baking 🙂

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