Before I post my results for the week, I just wanted to thank everyone for the comments on my previous post (Flashback #1)…it took a lot to write that in public and the feedback I got has been so surprising and positive. Thank yall that read and responded so much. You’ll never know how much that means to me. I’m working on post two and hope to have it up soon.

Now, onto bidness…the weigh in!

Week 27 Results:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 18 (1/7/10) 205.7  (+1.6)
Week 19 (1/14/10) 205.9  (+0.2)
Week 20 (1/21/10) 205.3 (-0.6)
Week 21 (1/28/10) 203  (-2.3)
Week 22 (2/4/10) 203.3  (+0.3)
Week 23 (2/11/10) 204.6 (+1.3)
Week 24 (2/18/10) 204.1 (-0.5)
Week 25 (2/25/10) 204.4 (+0.3)
Week 26 (3/4/10) 206.4 (+2)
Week 27 (3/11/10) 203.3 (-3.1)

Total Loss: 31.5 pounds in 27 weeks

Comments: I’m so happy! You guys just don’t know how hard I’ve worked this week. It’s been TOUGH!!! Between getting back VERY strict with calorie counting and meal planning as well as ton of exercise trying to finish the Perfect Ten challenge in time (of COURSE I procrastinated and got behind…more on that later!) Anyway, I’m so happy my hard work paid off. If it hadn’t, I might have shed a few tears…I’ve worked THAT hard!

I kept my calories around 1750–1800. The WEEKEND WARRIORS challenge helped a lot, too. I had between 80–110 ounces of water each day and exercised all but Friday. I’m SO PROUD today. Not just because I lost, but because I can feel the hard work in my bones. I am walking verrryyy slowly (think Mickey Rourke in “The Wrestler”) because I’m so sore, but I’m determined to finish no matter what it takes!

Perfect Ten challenge update (the final one!) coming soon!!