Hello all,
Sadly, the time has come where I think I’ve finally snapped. After weeks of giving up foods I like, exercising so hard I am sooo sore everyday, and generally being unhappy because of this “new lifestyle”, I’m throwing in the towel. I’m done. I managed to lose a good bit of weight, but overall, this is just exhausting and I can’t do it. I quit. I’m sorry. I hate it because I’ve made so many friends via this blog and reading all of your blogs. I will still try and follow most of your progress through twitter and blog subscriptions…but before I go, my final weigh in, not that it freakin’ matters. (sheds tear)

Week 29 Results:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 24 (2/18/10) 204.1 (-0.5)
Week 25 (2/25/10) 204.4 (+0.3)
Week 26 (3/4/10) 206.4 (+2)
Week 27 (3/11/10) 203.3 (-3.1)
Week 28 (3/18/10) 201.1 (-2.2)
Week 29 (3/25/10) 198.6 (-2.5)

Total Loss: 36.2 pounds in 29 weeks

Comments: JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!  LOL!  Guess what? I HIT ONEDERLAND!!! (Or however you awesome bloggers spell it!)  OMGBECKY!! I am *SO SO SO SO excited!!!!*   Can you say huge milestone (and one of my brackets off Jess’ challenge is done!) You think I’m giving up now? No chance! I have busted my ASS off this week and I’m so happy the scale was nice to me. I had a good weekend where I exercised (!!!!) and didn’t drink alcohol (!!!!) and didn’t bake goodies (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)…in fact, this week I exercised six of seven days and also restarted the Couch25K program along with a posse of awesome, inspiring blog buddies. It’s tough, but so far doable…and I’m very happy with my progress.  I finished w1d2 yesterday! Also, my new virtual personal trainer Jess has been kickin my tail with her PLANK challenge and omgimsosore…but I like the sore feeling because it shows I’ve been working hard.  Overall, my food has been good this week. My dinners have been so-so, but I tried to make up for that with healthier breakfast, lunches, and snacks. I’ve also really been hitting my water goals as well, and striving for a little extra when possible.

Hopefully nobody hates me for my teaser of a first paragraph. I was just trying to go for a laugh since this weigh-in was such a biggie for me and because my Flashback posts have been such downers. By the way, I can’t thank you enough to those that read and commented on those. It’s tough to share some of that stuff. And to those that didn’t…WHATSUPWITDAT??? lol.  I’m gonna try to have another one up this weekend, and it’s a happier post 🙂

I’m off to do the happy dance because my hard work paid off this week…but not getting too cocky because I’ve had three good weeks in a row (numbers wise) and that’s unheard of for me, so I know the scale will show out on me soon.  I just know it!