Week 30 Results:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 26 (3/4/10) 206.4 (+2)
Week 27 (3/11/10) 203.3 (-3.1)
Week 28 (3/18/10) 201.1 (-2.2)
Week 29 (3/25/10) 198.6 (-2.5)
Week 30 (4/1/10) 198.2 (-0.4)

Total Loss: 36.6 pounds in 30 weeks

Comments: Sadly, this isn’t an April Fool’s weigh-in.  A loss is a loss, right? It’s annoying when you follow the rules AND do a pathetic attempt at running and barely lose. BUT, I lost, so that’s a plus. Also, I’ve had three great weeks in a row so I knew this was coming.

In other news…I started the Couch to 5K Program last week. Completed week one pretty good. Week two (this week) I’ve been struggling. Last night was really bad. Maybe I’m not a runner? Even though it’s definitely more jogging. I dunno what’s going on, perhaps it’s the fact I still do the treadmill on “off” c25k days but I was stiff as a board last night. In fact, near the end, I thought I was gonna fall and roll off the treadmill a la a “Biggest Loser” contestant on week one. But I guess it’d be hard to “roll off” the treadmill with it going so fast, haha. I’m not ready to give up, but I think I’ll take a day off from the treadmill today and see how Friday goes.

Congrats to all that did Mary’s workout pledge yesterday. It sounded fun, well as fun as exercise can be, lol. I had a terrible self esteem moment last night when I almost collapsed off the treadmill and then read stories of everyone going NINETY MINUTES and most of them running the whole time! And I was barely running 90 seconds? I hope to one day be able to do half of that! Yall are amazing…but you know this 🙂