Alright…as my previous post stated, last week’s Weekend Warriors challenge was such a horrible failure. Just horrid. So I wanted to repeat it this week. I want to start by saying I had no “calorie goals” because I knew I had a cookout to go to and it would be impossible to really track, but I wanted to do my best.  So with that said, here were my goals and how I did:

Walk/Jog 5 miles  (Done! I did 3 on Saturday in the park (with 2 jogging spurts…whew!) and then 2 miles today on the treadmill today as part of C25K (more on that in a minute)

Complete C25K Week 2 Start C25K Week 4 (this goes with the first goal for the most part…) A week has gone by, and I completed week 3, so I had to alter this goal appropriately. Since MY FIRST 5K (!!!) is this Saturday (!!!!!!!!), I changed my C25K days to Sun-Tue-Thu to give myself a rest day so I don’t die at the 5K on Saturday. That would be quite a Debbie Downer moment, huh?  Anyway, done! (And more on this in a bit…) Likin’ this tease?

-Drink at least 80oz of water each day   Done!  It was right at 80 yesterday, and today was a little over. Success!

-Do 50 Squats, 50 Crunches, and 50 Jumping Jacks both days— Pass! After all the walk/jog moments, I admit I was very weak, but I did them. I’m sure Bob or Jillian would criticize my form and yell at me, but damnit, I tried…and I did 50 of each, both days. Now if I will be able to walk tomorrow or not, we’ll see…

I’m very proud of succeeding on my Weekend Warriors goals and hopefully I made up for last week’s diaster. My only complaint about this weekend was my food choices. The cookout was bad (I mean, it was really fun, but bad diet wise, lol…), with a few desserts and some alcohol, but not the usual crazy binge I would do. I did TRY to cutback, lol.  Today I’ve been so BLAH and have made more bad food choices (effing leftovers…) but again, nothing that you’d see on a Lifetime movie where someone binges. 


So today I started Week 4 (Day 1) of the Couch to 5K program. Basically, it was a 3 min run (jog), lil walk, a FIVE MINUTE run (jog), a lil walk, another 3 min run (jog), and ANOTHER FIVE MINUTE RUN (jog)…Oh My GOD.
I have never, ever, been this close to just collapsing off the treadmill. I’ve joked around about it, but really, the last few steps to get my mileage at an even “2” after the last running section, it was like I was walking on fake legs or stilts. And keep in mind, that was with some walking breaks and it was only 2 miles of the madness. How on earth do you runners do this? I’ve said it before, but I just want to repeat myself, you runners are AMAZING. I am struggling big time (but not quitting) and just stood there afterwards thinking about people that run 5, 10, 13, etc miles at one time and thought, really? Really? I don’t know if I’m a runner, or if I ever can be a runner, but I really wanna see how far I can go in this C25K thing because even tho this hurts, pushing myself is fun. And even tho I’m aching right now, I’m so proud of finishing today’s workout.

Have a great week everyone. And you runners out there….damn, just damn. You go, runners!  You have my UTMOST respect!!   🙂