As I’ve mentioned in previous posts for the past few weeks, Saturday was my first ever 5K “race.”  I put it in quotes because I didn’t really feel like I was a runner or racer so it just sounded silly to think of me competing against anyone.

And then Saturday happened.

I walked/ran the 5K in 43:18. I finished in 34th place overall, and 4th in my age group. Before you start throwing confetti on me and applauding, it’s not like there were hundreds of people running or anything. But still, I am *damn* proud of myself!!  My goals were to jog as much as possible, not finish last, and finish under 45 minutes. When I saw that 43 minutes beside my name I was like YAY!!!!  I have been averaging 15 minute miles on the treadmill (actually a little better here lately with the C25K program going on…) but I had heard how outside running was tougher. And, it was…but I did what I could. And I surprised myself with how many jogging spurts I was able to do! And that stuff about me not being a runner or a racer…well, while I still don’t think I’m up to the level of most people, I can tell you that the spark has been lit, if only slightly, by this race. It was something about being out there with all those people that made me push myself to go faster, run longer…and it felt good. Note: Not the “runner’s high” or anything (I still think that is not possible for me!) but it was something that made me competetive and able to do better.

Brad, Amy, and Me before the race

I did the race with my friends Brad and Amy. I knew a few other people there from Facebook and such. As we all lined up, there was a girl with us that said she walked/jogged and it seemed she was on our level as far as ability. When we started, we all started off jogging. Then we walked for a while. The girl from the starting point passed us when my shoe came untied (UGH!) and she was ahead of us for the majority of the race. I say majority b/c Brad kept saying his only goal was to beat that girl. I thought it was funny, especially because she was so nice. But I guess everyone needs a goal 🙂

Early on...feelin' proud!

The girl was ahead of us for a long while. She’d go out of sight for a while when we turned down roads, but then I’d see her ponytail again. We eventually started gaining ground on her and passed her (!!!!) in a jogging spell while she was on a walk. Yeah, we so planned it…waiting for the victim to be weak, lol. We were able to stay ahead of her the rest of the way and beat her! Yeeeeah! Somewhere along the race, that became my goal as well. hehe. I wonder if she noticed me keep glancing back at her as if I was running from a murderer? I sure hope not.

Around the halfway point...why am I taking pictures???

There was a HELLACIOUS hill around the 2 mile mark called “Cemetary Hill” (bc it’s beside a cemetary, of course…) and when I saw it I was like whaaaaaaaaaaat? We had been warned by the guy on the mic at the beginning about this hill, but when I saw it, after all the jogging, it seriously looked like Mt. Everest. We fast walked it tho…WHOO!!!  When I saw the finish line from a distance, I wanted to run the rest of the race to the end. And I did, except for about a 15 second walk break when I was just out of breath completely. But I finished it running…with a smile. A sweaty, red faced smile…and it was one of the proudest moments of my life!!!!


Moments after crossing the finish line!!

OMGBECKY…I was on cloud nine there. And that mood lasted all day and night, too! I would like to thank Beyonce, The Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, and several others for helping me finish. Seriously, I couldn’t have done this without my Ipod I don’t think. 43:18!!!  For my lazy self, that’s pretty good…I think?

Well, with one little exception. They informed us they’d be giving out medals after everyone had finished. I looked over and saw a shitload of medals on the table and thought, WHOOOOOHOOOO!!   Cut to me, already planning my new Facebook picture: me in my 5K shirt with my medal. Not because I won, I just assumed since they had 794,490 medals that all participants would get one, right?


Only the winners would…uh oh. So they started reading results. In my age group, random guys won 1st and 2nd place…and then, low and behold, my friend Brad won 3rd place! What?!? Yay for him, right? I was happy for him and all, but when I realized I was six seconds behind him in time, I got annoyed when I realized I wasn’t getting my damn medal! I should have tripped him or something. I’m just kiddin’ Brad (mostly…), you earned it. He’s in much better shape than me, and is a better jogger than me, and deserved it. But I still wanted it so bad!!!  I’ll take 4th place, I guess. Then my friend Amy won 2nd place in her age group! So I was the only one without a medal.  I only pouted for about a minute, so that’s something. I did want to cry, tho, when I saw them put all those damn medals back into the box. It broke my heart a lil bit. I mean really, what are they gonna do with them? Use them next year? Maybe I will get one then!

Brad and Amy

Brad and Amy with their effing medals.

Oh well, better luck next time! I still feel like a winner on the inside, if that counts!  I would like to point out, if I *had* won a medal, I woulda wore it the whole day, that night at the bar, and I probably woulda slept in it and still be wearing it today as I’m typing this post. I DEFINITELY woulda wore it to work tomorrow!

So what’s next? Well, continue with the C25K program, of course. I’m going to repeat Week 4, aka Death Week, because I definitely don’t feel I’m ready to progress to week 5. Week 4 is the hardest thing ever, but damnit, I’m gonna do it.  They announced another 5K in May and I think we’re gonna do it since this one was so much fun. But there’s something else coming up…

A 10K.   *gulp*

That’s twice what we did Saturday. The thing is, it’s here in my town and a really big deal. The Coca Cola 10K. People from all over come here to run it. I was checking out the site today and some of the times from last year that are still posted are just incredible.  Thankfully, there were some slow people like me there, too. They have a 2 hour limit. Surely I could do six miles, right? I mean, I’ve walked four or five at one time…and with that atmosphere going on, I could do six. Maybe? Thoughts?  I just don’t know if I’m at that level yet. Oh did I mention it’s in two weeks? Yep, May 1st.  Not much time to prepare, but whatcanyado? It’s only once a year and I kinda wanna do it. It sounds SO cool. I’m gonna debate and try to make my decision before Thursday’s weigh-in post. I’ll be accepting votes from you guys on whether to do it or not until then. Feel free to call me crazy, I might just be crazy.

WHO IS THIS PERSON THAT IS POSTING ABOUT BEING EXCITED TO DO 5k’s and 10k’s???? Oh wait, it’s me!!  🙂