Week 33 Results:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 28 (3/18/10) 201.1 (-2.2)
Week 29 (3/25/10) 198.6 (-2.5)
Week 30 (4/1/10) 198.2 (-0.4)
Week 31 (4/8/10) 197.1 (-1.1)
Week 32 (4/15/10) 196.7 (-0.4)
Week 33 (4/22/10) 198.7 (+2.0)

Total Loss: 36.1 pounds in 33 weeks

Comments: Ummm, what? 2 pounds gained. Yep, what can you do? Maybe it’s water weight. Maybe I didn’t do as well on my calories. Maybe I shouldn’t have drank Sat night even tho I budgeted it into my calories. But it’s done. I don’t see how this is possible with the 5K on Saturday plus exercising most other days as well…but like Jess said, the scale doesn’t define me.  But, at the same time, seeing a gain after a week of hard work is pretty depressing.

Oh well, time to start another week. Maybe next week will have better results. 

By the way, I decided that I *am* doing the 10K next Saturday (May 1st) as long as the weather is good. The weather will be the only factor that cancels it. So next week (Tue or Wed) I should have a better idea for sure, but right now I’m in. So if I gained 2 pounds after doing a 5k, will I gain 4 pounds after doing a 10K?  :/

I’m teasing….have a great weekend everyone!