Week 34 Results:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 31 (4/8/10) 197.1 (-1.1)
Week 32 (4/15/10) 196.7 (-0.4)
Week 33 (4/22/10) 198.7 (+2.0)
Week 34 (4/29/10) 198.9 (+0.2)

Total Loss: 35.9 pounds in 34 weeks

Comments: Eh, nothing really to say about the weight. I don’t really consider that a gain, it’s so insignificant. I am VERY bothered by being so close to leaving “Onederland”…it’s a scary place to be that really plays with your mind and emotions.  However, I’m actually quite happy with this week’s number, because I was expecting a huge gain. Why? Because this past weekend was a 3-day weekend~! and I acted like Kirstie Alley meets Courtney Love with all the food and vodka I put into my body.

I really want an effing pizza.

I’m sorta kidding, but not really. I basically flipped off the ole lifestyle change for a few days. Of course I regretted it afterwards. Vodka, Pizza Hut, and all sorts of other bad choices. AND THEN, my planned exercise for the weekend didn’t happen–at all. So Fri, Sat, Sun, AND Monday: NO exercise. Granted, there were LOTS of storms (including four tornado warnings Saturday!!!) but still…the treadmill was right there. But when you feed your body pizza and alcohol, the end result is feeling like crap the next day and the last thing you want to do is exercise when you feel that bad. That brings me to my next topic…my lost exercise mojo.

I've lost my moooooojooooooo!

Last Thursday evening, I hit another goal when I reached 150 miles for 2010. I was so proud!! I still consider myself a walker, that jogs when I can…but still–150 miles was a big damn deal for me.  My overall goal for the year is 500, but I’m looking at it in smaller chunks so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. My next goal is 250. Anyway, how did I follow up my self esteem boosting accomplishment? By not exercising for four days. When I got back on the treadmill Tuesday something was…wrong. I couldn’t breathe right, my shins and ankles hurt, and this was only like 8 minutes into the workout. It was as if I had been off for four weeks, not four days. I struggled and panted and got through 2 miles. Last night was more of the same, but I got 2 more miles in. All the progress I had made with C25K seems to have faded away as now I struggle just jogging 3 minutes. Then I see all my other blogging buddies making such huge improvements on their run times, pacing, etc and I feel even more inadequate, because I’ve still not learned to stop comparing myself to others. Also, for the past few days, when I take a deep breath, I have a pain in my upper left part of my chest.  Weird.   Remind me to never take more than a day off again, okay?  Really. I’m still working to find my cardio mojo, and hopefully in a few days or a week I’ll be back to normal. If anyone knows where I left it, let me know. It was last seen on Thursday, April 22nd around 6:30pm!

Some more stuff going on:

The Coca Cola 10K is scheduled for this Saturday. I’m nervous as hell about it. Not that I have ANY intentions of “running it” but I just want to finish it.  6 miles is a lot to me. Like, how most of you think of a half marathon, that’s how I think of a 10k. I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to participate because the weather is looking horrendous for the weekend. Friday through Sunday it’s supposed to be another round of strong storms. We have time to register, I just hate to do it and not be able to participate due to weather. As much as I complain and hate exercise, I actually DO want to do the 10K because I’ve talked about it for a while and I think it’d be cool to say I did one. But in the rain? I dunno about that, Willis. My goal is to finish in 1hr 32 mins, and my secret inner goal is 1hr 30 mins…but I’ll take leaving in my own car with a smile with a worse time over leaving in an ambulance around the 4 mile marker.

–I’ve FINALLY figured out this Google Reader thing. It’s AWESOME! If you’re one of the blogs that I rarely (or never) comment on, it’s probably because I never knew when you posted because if it didn’t have an email link, I didn’t get a notification. But now they are all there in one place to read! Yay. I’m still adding subscriptions so hopefully in a day or two I’ll have everyone on there. I’m very happy about this, because there’s some great people and blogs that I follow that will slip my mind simply because I don’t remember to check their sites everyday.

Weekend Warriors #3:
Brandon is hosting another Weekend Warriors Challenge this weekend. Last month I failed and had to repeat it the next weekend, but that will NOT happen this time.  Here are my goals for the weekend:
–Complete the Coca Cola 10K race.  My goal is to finish it, period, but if I can finish in 1hour 32 mins I will be proud of myself. Anything lower than that is simply bonus points.
–Drink 80oz of water Saturday and Sunday
–Stay around 2000 calories Saturday and Sunday
–No alcohol all weekend. NONE! Ya hear me, Kirstie/Courtney?

And in a non-health goal, I also plan on cleaning my bedroom. It’s become super cluttered with boxes and books and clothes so I want to do some organizing and cleaning in there. It’s much needed.

If you think your diet derails on the weekends, please click the link above and join us! It really is fun and motivating to know people all over the world are working hard to stay on track with you over the weekend while you’re sitting there missing your favorite food or drink. You don’t feel as alone…at least I don’t!

Good luck to all my fellow warriors out there. Oh, and for all your horror movie fans out there, don’t forget the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie opens this weekend! I hope it’s good. We’re going to see it on Friday night I believe.  Thanks for reading!