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Hello friends,

May continues to be a crazy month full of ups and downs and unknowns. It’s like a big episode of LOST.  The first half of the month has been mostly good, but today I got some really bad news on the job front. As some of you know, my job status was up in the air…and today we got word that some positions would be eliminated. Perhaps worse, the ones that stay are getting big, big pay cuts.  I’m really depressed about this…like majorly, because I don’t come from a “money” family and it’s just me, myself, and I supporting me and the Sookie Monster. So we’ll see what happens. I’m trying to keep my head up, but it’s very tough.  And guess what that makes you wanna do? Eat. Badly.

I had my big job interview last Friday. It was my big hope and would end up being a promotion. It would probably result in a move, so I was excited and scared. I think I did well on my interview, I answered everything as best I could and I left with a good feeling. Unfortunately, there were six other applicants for the same job. One of which was a hot blonde. And since it was for an assistant position, I’m thinking who would the boss rather look at all day? The hot blonde…or me? Yeah, don’t answer that please.
Anyway, still no word on that…but there’s board meeting this month so I’m HOPING that’s why it’s taking so long. I thought the unknown was worse than bad news, but after today’s bad news I’m not so sure. Everyone at work today was walking around afterwards like a funeral scene. It definitely felt like one.

In other news, the diet is still a trainwreck. I realize it seems like I’ve given up, but I haven’t. Whatever I’ve gained I will work off once things calm down. No, really.  Really! I’ve weighed in here and there and I’ve gained some…I can definitely feel a gain as far as how I feel…and that’s gotten in my head as well and isn’t helping the depression at ALL. I’ve been eating so badly, but I promise I will not quit!

Tomorrow morning we leave for New Orleans. I’m so excited.  Wait, what’s that you say? You find out your job is in danger and a big, BIG paycut is coming and you’re going on vacation?  Yeeeah, have had it booked for a few months, so I’m still going. I’ll be bringing my own booze and eating as cheap as possible, but I still want to have as much fun as I can given the circumstances, especially since this will probably the last trip I get to take for a long, long time. My mood is more Debbie Downer than ever, but I’m gonna try.  Maybe we can find more karaoke?

I think that’s about it. I promise to get back into regular weigh-in updates and being all healthy and stuff in a week or two. I really appreciate all the comments, emails, and yall’s general friendship. It means a lot. Thank you for not forgetting me.  I love my blogging buddies so much!  😀



This has been one heck of a week! Work has been CRAZY. But in a good way. I had to go to some new training, and that put me behind on my normal stuff, so I was busy busy busy. But that’s not all…there’s a lot of (potential) changes coming up.  I wanted to update you on some of them:

*You may remember me blogging a few months ago about troubles with my job (long story short–governor wanting to close down a lot of mental health facilities, including our hospital…) so we’ve all been worried about the changes that are coming. But this week, a position opened up at our main hospital about 45 mins away. It’s the assistant to the director! I applied and I’m hoping I get an interview. Then, I’d *really* be Ugly Betty!!  I am not sure if it’d be a pay raise, pay cut, or whatever…but I’m interested in seeing what happens. Of course, I’ll keep you posted.  I’m excited.  Just the idea of change makes me giddy. And the town 45 mins away is close to several colleges…which leads me to…

*I registered for school! After months of deliberating, I finally picked the major. I’m going back to what I started on ten years ago: Accounting. I was in the program, then stopped. Then started back in nursing…hated it, stopped again. Took a five year break and now here I am, 30 years old, still with no degree. But that’s changing! I sent in my application today and plan to start classes NEXT MONTH! I’m doing one summer class to get back into the groove, as Madonna would say. I’m excited about this, too…especially after getting my transcript in the mail today and seeing how many classes I’ve already taken from years ago!

*What? This is a weight loss blog? Oh…about that…(frowns)

Week 35 Results:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 31 (4/8/10) 197.1 (-1.1)
Week 32 (4/15/10) 196.7 (-0.4)
Week 33 (4/22/10) 198.7 (+2.0)
Week 34 (4/29/10) 198.9 (+0.2)  
Week 35 (5/6/10) 199.1  (+0.2)
Total Loss: 35.7 pounds in 35 weeksComments: Contrary to what everything is saying, I’m not TRYING to get back into the 200’s…it just seems to be happening naturally.  All jokes aside, I’m off the wagon most days (mostly at dinner…) and exercise has really, REALLY been slacking. Did I even work out at all this week? Once, maybe? And May is gonna be crazy with the job situation and a trip to NEW ORLEANS (!!!) in a few weeks to get into some trouble!  But seriously, I’m not quitting. I’m trying so hard to not overdo it and just maintain while stuff is nutty. I thought about not posting this week b/c I gained, again, but I feel like whenever I quit posting, I’ll quit everything, and the scale will just keep going up, possibly even faster. And that just CANNOT happen! I like fitting into my jeans again!  So yeah things are a bit weird here, but eventually I’ll be back to my boring self…just maybe making a few extra bucks a month? 🙂

Quick note–I’m trying to keep up with everyone’s blogs and comment when I can. Today on Google Reader I had SIXTY SEVEN unread blogs! I was like, OMGBECKY!  Since I can’t comment you all, let me say I’m proud of all the losses I’ve been seeing and all the hard work you continue to do on your exercise regimens! Keep it UP!!!!

Oh, and before I go…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you wonderful mama’s out there. I’m a TOTAL mama’s boy…and DAMN proud of it!  Mama’s are the best thing ever…so enjoy your day!!!  😀




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