Hey errrybody!

Hope yall had a very wonderful weekend. I did, although I didn’t reach all my goals. I had planned on cleaning my room/organizing some stuff, drinking less, and one workout. Unfortunately, I only cleaned/organized out of that list. My room looks SO good now though. I still have stuff to unpack, but it’s coming together! I drank less as well, but I’m trying to get that down to NO drinking.

I just wanted to do a quick post. I planned on doing a progress post on Thursday, but that was a big ole fail. I did weigh, and I had lost 0.9 pound. It’s a loss, so that’s good, but I hadn’t been able to exercise because of my back problem. I also was eating pretty bad (not awful, but bad)…so my first week “back” wasn’t as great as I had hoped. That 0.9 was probably a water fluctuation…but it wasn’t a gain! Luckily, all the bad snacks are officially out of the apartment and I’ve been doing better. I feel like I’m back on track. Speaking of backs, mine is better so I’m hoping to do a good walk after work today. I still have some tightness on my lower left side, which worries me that it’ll go haywire again, but for now all is well.

I’m back to counting calories again as of today. I actually ate a real breakfast and consumed around 260 cals. I enjoy counting calories for the most part, I just hate when you cook up a big dish of something (say chili or spaghetti) so therefore you totals aren’t exactly accurate. I guess it’s the OCD in me. Even when I fell off the wagon I tried to semi count calories, even if on an estimate, on most days…so thankfully this isn’t a big deal to start back doing.

I’m thinking of going to Fitbloggin 2011!! Keep in mind, I have no idea what all goes on, when it is, where it is, etc but there’s several people I would love to meet and it would be fun to have a trip lined up, especially one that would benefit my health and diet/exercise scenario I’ve got going on right now. I can’t wait to do some more research and maybe (gasp) book a room or something!

I guess that’s about it! I will be back on Thursday with this week’s status update (number wise) unless something newsworthy happens which, with my life, is pretty much a safe bet will not happen 🙂

Be good to yourself…and each other.  🙂