Progress Update: September 16, 2010

Start Weight: (9/1/09): 234.8
Last week’s weight: 209.2
This week’s weight: 205.9
Weekly Loss: 3.3lbs
Total Loss: 28.9lbs

Whooo hoooo!!! After a not so good weekend and a much improved week, I lost a little over 3 pounds! I’m very happy with this number, especially considering the missteps I had. I’ve been back into calorie counting, but as usual dinners are hard to count because I make a big serving and then use it for leftovers for a few days. So I try to count very exact during breakfast, lunch, and snacks to give myself a little wiggle room at dinner. I’ve done EXCELLENT at snacking, since I got rid of all the trashy foods! I’m trying so hard to get back to onederland. It was a nice place to be. In looking back at old posts, it looks like the lowest number I reached was 196.7. So first goal is to be under 200, second goal is to reach that number again, and third goal is to go even lower!!

I just noticed that I missed the one year anniversary of my blog. I was probably too busy eating junk, watching TV, doing homework, etc to remember. I do remember thinking somewhere in late August that it had been a year since all this had started, but it was while driving or something. Of course, it’s kinda hard to do a big celebratory post about an anniversary of a weight loss blog while you’re gaining weight and feeling bad about yourself. So now that I’m back, WHOOO!!!!! Happy one year anniversary! Hehe.

I exercised on Monday and Tuesday. Monday was walking 2 miles and my first experience with the elliptical machine (ouch!)….Tuesday me and my coworkers did ZUMBA! It was my first time to do zumba and I really enjoyed it, even though I didn’t have the moves down just right. It was my first time after all! I did want to mention something about Monday’s walk: I could definitely tell I had taken a five month break. If you can remember way back to April, I was on like week 4 of C25K, even though it was a struggle, and running some intervals. This time, after such a long break, I was extremely tired and winded just by walking at a 3.7-3.8 pace. So I have a new project to work on, getting my skillz back up to par!

I wanna set some goals for this weekend, because this is always the time I struggle. Always has been, always will be. Here’s what I hope to do:

–Drink alcohol one night only.
–Push water. I do great during the week on water, but on weekends it’s all diet soda!
–Exercise one day this weekend
–Work on homework at some point both days in the weekend. I’m a procrastinator and it all piles up on Wednesday nights when it’s due!
–Organize more stuff in my room. Now that it’s clean, I can work on the individual corners and boxes that need to be unpacked/sorted/thrown away.

Maybe if I keep myself busy I won’t be tempted to eat/drink bad things! Oh, the movie DEVIL comes out this weekend so I might be tempted by the popcorn beast Friday afternoon!!!

It’s great to be back and great to be involved with this wonderful blogging community. Keep up the great work everybody!!