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Hey yall!

So I *think* I mentioned that I was going to be checking and updating my measurements every two weeks, on Sundays. Two weeks ago I measured for the first time and today is update time!

I lost an inch in my chest and thighs, as long as I’m measuring correctly, lol.  I am still getting used to taking measurements–I feel like I might measure in a different place one time than another, therefore making the results iffy. But the one I am focused on is my stomach/waist area, and it seems I lost 2 inches there. I know there’s probably a different place to measure your waist than your stomach, and I’ve ever googled it, but I’m still foggy on this. How do yall measure this area? Two different measurements or one?  It and my thighs are my areas that need to shrink the most.

To make my measurements more noticeable, I am also doing a method involving clothes that didn’t quite fit…or didn’t fit at all. As I said in an earlier post I put all my jeans that would be close to buttoning after some work in one box and jeans that were far away in another box.  I’m not close to opening those boxes, but two weeks ago I did have two pairs of jeans (and one shirt) that WOULD button, but I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing them at all, much less in public, and I pretty much couldn’t breathe in them.  Today, both jeans AND the shirt buttoned! They were still quite snug, but I could totally see myself going out in them and being okay (or just a little uncomfortable, hehe).  Regardless, I put them back on the top shelf and will check and see how they feel in two more weeks. Perhaps they can graduate to “hanger” status, aka “ready to wear.”   We’ll see!

I’m pleased with this update and like I said, there will probably be lots of weeks where I count on this way of measuring to see progress as the ratio of “pounds” I have to lose doesn’t seem to correspond with just how far away my old clothes are from fitting. Here’s hoping that both numbers go down in the coming weeks/months.  I want my suitcase for New York to have a variety of looks available!  🙂


Hey everyone!

Well, after last week’s huge number, I felt dread for this week’s weigh-in. Not because I have been cheating or not exercising or anything like that, because I’ve busted my tail and done without pretty much everything, but more because I felt like I was gonna have an infamous “week two” weigh in and that scared me. As much as I know the scale is “just a number” it’s still the big event of the week to gauge how you’re doing when you’re attempting to lose weight. So let’s see how I did:

Last week’s weight (2/16/11): 208.3

2/23/11 Weight: 206.8
Loss: 1.5 pounds

Yes, a loss is a loss indeed. I guess I’m spoiled because I expected more only because it was a week filled with so many victories. I again did not drink on the weekend–AT ALL–huge for me! And at the birthday party not only was I the DD (not fun), but I also avoided the fancy expensive cake they had and only ate some chicken. I was way, way, way under my calories everyday. I exercised Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, with especially hard workouts on Sat and Sun plus a lot of working in the apartment cleaning and organizing. I counted all my food and honestly did without a lot of things I wanted to indulge in. I guess the only issue was Girl Scout Cookies, which we got on Saturday. I forgot we had ordered them, honestly. And instead of taking them to work, I ate some of them–but, they were all factored into my daily calories so I don’t feel any guilt about that at all. I guess I’m saying all this to make myself feel better because I was hoping for a 3 or 4 pound loss, but after almost ten pounds last week, that probably wasn’t possible. No matter what the scale says, I’m happy because I’m progressing, I can tell my clothes are getting a little looser (or maybe just not as tight, hehe), and I’m not hating working out. OH–another victory: I managed to up my time I can last on the elliptical machine from 3 minutes to TWENTY minutes on Sunday! Granted, I wasn’t going crazy fast, but still–20 nonstop minutes. Win! My total loss for two weeks is 11.2 and that is way impressive so I’m happy. I’m also still loving myfitnesspal and strongly urge you to check it out if you haven’t already. It’s a great tool for support and an awesome way to stay accountable for your food. My user id is craigversion2 and I would love to be your friend on there as well!

I also wanted to touch on something and see if you guys agree. A big part of my weight loss attempt is fitting back into my old clothes. I’ve often said that my weight gain number-wise didn’t seem to match the degree to how I can’t fit into my old pants and shirts. If I had had to guess how much weight I had gained going only by how my clothes wouldn’t fit, I would have said a lot higher number. Does it make sense in me saying that I’m going to probably have a lot of weeks with low weight loss numbers and maybe have to focus more on measurements? I have a little over ten pounds to go till I get back around my “normal” weight of 195 (which is still high, I’m just saying that’s the weight I was for so long and when I was in those clothes…I want to go lower than 195…) And yet I still have a long way to go to fit into them. So I’m trying to make myself realize while the scale might say a low loss, it’s gonna be a slower journey inches-wise till I’m back in all those clothes. I took my measurements Sunday before last and decided I would take them every other Sunday: this Sunday is my first check in to see how they’ve changed. I’m excited for that! Patience is not my thing, and I need to work on that. I didn’t gain this weight/inches in a few weeks, so it’s not gonna leave in a few weeks, either.

Alright I’m gonna wrap this up. The weekend is still a bit away from starting but I probably won’t post before then, so I hope you all have a good one. My plan is much like it’s been the last few weekends: to not drink any alcohol, exercise, and stay under my calories. I’m also gonna try to go longer than 25 minutes on the elliptical, just because.

Oh yeah: THREE WEEKS till my New York City trip!!!!!!  Excited Am I! 🙂

Today was a good exercise day, for me, who hates to exercise (but loves the post workout feeling). 

I’m trying so hard to not do the mistakes I did last year. I didn’t even realize they were mistakes until I look at how much differently I view exercise this time around compared to last time. Last year I set lots of goals. Do 500 miles of walking/jogging in a year, so many a month, jog/run at a certain time, etc. It put a lot of pressure on me and made me feel like a failure when I didn’t reach the goals and really made me dread the exercise even more.

This time, so far at least, I’m doing things a little different. I’m still challenging myself during workouts, but I’ve eliminated the ridiculous goals like “500 miles in a year”, “run a mile by March”, etc. When I got about a third of the way through the year last year, and realized I was sooo far off track to get to that 500 miles number, I felt like giving up and pretty much did.

Today I did sixty minutes of cardio and actually had fun (as much fun as you can have in the gym–let’s not go too far here…) I started off with 15 mins on the treadmill, then 15 on the elliptical, 15 on the bike, and 15 more on the treadmill. I took some breaks in between to catch my breath, but I was pretty much just doing what I felt like doing at the time, with no pressure or “goal” to reach. With that said, I still do have goals. For example, the elliptical is my new arch nemesis/friend. I have always had difficulty with the machine and was able to last 5 minutes on it on Thursday.  Today, my goal was to go a little slower and see if I could last 8 or 10 minutes. I hit the 10 min mark and felt tired, but wasn’t dying or anything, so I pushed on to the 15 min mark. It was tough, but again I was doing what I felt like doing at the time and it worked for me. Before I knew it, I had racked up an hour of gym time, which has to be some sort of a record for me. I felt proud! 🙂

I’m gonna see how long I can ride this style of working out and hope I see better results. Tomorrow I might do step aerobics or zumba or one of the Sweatin’ to the Oldies DVD’s. I might even do a Wii/PS3 workout. Who knows? Whatever I feel like as long as I’m moving. I think the biggest lesson is it’s easier for me to do this and compete against myself than to try to go on sites like dailymile, myfitnesspal, etc and see people running tons of miles while I can’t.  I wish I could, but not at that level, and I’m pretty far from being there and that’s okay!

Speaking of myfitnesspal, it’s my new obsession. I love the site. I have the iPhone app and it’s so useful to count calories and exercise. The community is great for support and almost has a facebook feel as far as posting workouts and getting feedback.  My username is craigversion2 so if you use it, add me as a friend–and if you don’t use it, check it out. Then add me, lol.  I found it thanks to Tyler at and have loved it once I got used to how to use it (not that it was hard to use…)

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have a bday party to go to tonight so there’s tons of room for failure. My goal is to not drink at all (yes, I said it…) and not blow the diet to hell on party food. Luckily, with the workout done for the day, I have that to think of…so when I think about eating bad food I just think of how hard it was to get that sixty minutes in–why undo that?  Exactly.

Peace out!

What a week this was for me. I had great sacrifices, a lot of hard work, and amazing results. Before I start, let me just say that for me this was pretty much a “week one” weigh in. Even though I rebooted in January and did pretty good for a few weeks, the end of January was pretty much a disaster of food and no exercise, so I think my body treated this as one of those great weigh-ins you get on the first week of a new diet/exercise plan. With that said, I still gave up a lot of my treats and am very proud of my results!!

Last week’s weight (2/9/11): 218
2/16/11 Weight: 208.3
Loss: 9.7 pounds!!

YES. NINE POINT SEVEN POUNDS. When the Wii Fit told me that, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. Ever. And I’m normally a pretty damn happy person! I really worked hard this week and think I deserve that good number. But, just to be sure, I weighed again and it said the same number. Whew!

As far as my big “sacrifices”, of course food intake was a lot lower. I mean, a lot. I was eating less calories than ever before, and counting every single bite I took in. I am not proud with how big a deficit I was getting because I don’t think it’s healthy in the long term. I have heard of the “starvation mode” concept if you eat too few calories, but I’m not exactly sure how that works. As far as exercise, I did workouts Wed, Fri, and SATURDAY!! (wow!) Then worked on a lot of cleaning/organizing Sunday, and walked 2 miles Monday at lunch. I took Tuesday off I was completely drained and then last night was the dreaded last minute homework night for online classes. Yuck. These could be excuses, but on the days I knew I wasn’t gonna work out, I made sure to keep a very, very close eye on my calories.

The big victory of the week was my “no alcohol this weekend!” pledge. Which, I’ve done so many times, and failed at so many times. This weekend, however, I did it. It was NOT easy. Friday night, especially. It was like my best friend had died or something. I just felt like it was the weekend, I should be drinking, but I didn’t. An amazing thing happened Saturday morning: I woke up without my usual Saturday hangover. I got up and felt great. I got a GREAT workout in, early early, and had a productive day. After this success, it made not drinking Saturday night a lot easier, and also led to a productive, hangover free Sunday as well. I learned I don’t have to drink every weekend, and obviously that helped my loss on the scale this week. For the record, I attribute most of my weight gain issues to alcohol and snacks, so this is big for me.

Now, my second victory: Valentine’s Day. I can’t begin to tell you how many treats people brought to work. Fresh donuts, cookies, cakes, mini candy bars, cupcakes, everything. I managed to avoid them all day, and then I got home and my mom had mailed me a CAKE for V-day, and I avoided it for like 3 days. I had a tiny square last night, and it was yummy, but not worth wrecking my week of victories over. I actually stood and watched my coworkers pig out on their cupcakes and yes, I did want one, but I just wanted to see if I could avoid them, and I did. I felt amazing for the self control. THEN, the next day, in a meeting we had more fresh donuts. I intentionally sat right in front of the box for the 45 min meeting just so I could smell them and see if I could resist them. I was the only person not to have a donut. I love it! Did I want one? HELL YES. I told one of my gals at work that I’d rather have a donut than my next breath. Joking, of course, (for the most part), but I don’t want anyone to think I’m not craving the foods they are loving. They’re my favorites too!

I felt like I had lost weight and in the end, I did. So far, this week is going great as well. I am planning on another weekend of victories and hopefully will have another good loss next week, but at the same time I’m not going to get discouraged if the number is low, because I had a hyoooge one this week. (That’s what she said!)

Oh: one more thing. I’m probably gonna do a separate post about this next week, but I stole an idea from Mary at from a post she did about stacks of clothes that go with her through all her moves around the world that she never is able to fit into, but always wants to. I spent all day Sunday trying on pants (I had two big boxes of them) and put them into 3 piles. One would button but were too uncomfortable to wear. Two would not button, but should be able to in a reasonable amount of dieting/exercise time. Three wouldn’t button, and it’s gonna take a LOT of work to get back into. The saddest part is that Pile 3, the long shot pile, used to fit back in the day. (Pouty face). The reason I did this is because judging by my history of weight loss and what my “normal” weight was when I was in those clothes, I don’t have a lot of weight to lose according to the scale, but I have a lot more inches to lose, apparently. Hopefully this will give me goals to shoot for when the scale starts to stop moving. We shall see. Oh, I also took my measurements on Sunday and plan to take them every two weeks and see if I’m seeing changes there as well. I hate taking measurements. Not only are the results horrifying, but I always feel like I’m not measuring right, or fear I’ll measure the wrong area next time and think I lost inches when I really didn’t. Weird, huh?

Ok sorry for the long post, I just had to share my good news and bask in the glory of my victories of the week. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

Happy weekend everyone!

Things are still going great here.  Isn’t that always the story of your first week “back” and fired up, though? 🙂

So you know how I was talking about doing different exercises besides walking/jogging so I wouldn’t be so bored and uninterested in doing them? Yesterday I was putting clothes in the dryer and saw my “Step” that I used for Step Aerobics back in the day, standing beside the dryer (dust covered, of course) and said “Hmmmm…”  Then I thought about how on Biggest Loser they did that challenge to get on the show where they had to do 500 steps and the first one that completed, won.  So I thought that sounded like a fun workout.  For record keeping sake, I timed myself and did it this morning to start my Saturday off riiiiiight!

I was able to complete the “500 Steps” challenge on my step-up thingie in a little over 18 minutes. Not too shabby! I think I could have gone faster, but this is a starting point, right?  There was a few moments I got super winded (because I added arm movements) so that might have slowed me down some. I was pleased! And def felt the burn.  Later I googled and saw that BL also did a 1000 steps challenge. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll try that, lol.  To get some extra time in, I went ahead and did 7 more minutes of steps, alternating pace and movement to get in an even 25 minutes of step-time. I didn’t count the # of steps in that time period though, because that was definitely the most annoying part of the challenge. I probably lost count a few times so I probably did a little over 500 in the 18 mins 🙂
Oh, I then jogged around the apartment like an idiot for 5 mins to get an even 30 min workout in. I have no idea how far that is, how fast I was going, etc, I just know my heartrate was up and I was jamming to Ke$ha on my Ipod and having fun, it def didn’t feel as sucky as the treadmill trap.   Most of all, I was exercising on a SATURDAY! For me that’s unheard of.

So the weekend is about half over and I survived my first night of not drinking. That is definitely my biggest sacrifice of all. I know that sounds bad, but some of you while on “diets” dream of ice cream, cakes, brownies, or fried chicken…and while I do love ALL of those things, I can do without them just fine most days: I just like to have my weekend drinking time. Friday and Saturday nights around here are for drinking with friends, playing the Wii (MJ game is AWESOME!!!) and karaoke, but for a while I’m having to stop that for the betterment of the cause.  Last night was kinda sad, it was like I had lost my best friend just sitting around on a Friday night, but I got through it. And today I don’t have a hangover like most Saturdays so that’s really good. I know I sound like an alcoholic, and maybe I have some of that in me, but I just like to drink on the weekends and have fun. It shouldn’t be an every weekend thing, though, and I’m making that change. Call it my “Ah-ha” moment 🙂

The weather here is supposed to FINALLY be great tomorrow (sunny and in the 60’s) so I’m planning to venture outdoors, enjoy the sun, and do some walking and maybe a little bit of jogging if I feel frisky. No pressure though 🙂    Last night I did a Richard Simmons DVD (don’t hate, he’s ridiculous but I find him funny and I could def feel my heart PUMPING during it!) for a Friday night workout session. I’m on a roll!  That makes me think of O’Charley’s rolls….mmmmm.  Wait, no no no!

Alright that’s enough of me babbling. Hope yall have a great weekend!  And I REALLY hope people are still reading my blog, I did kind of abandon it for a while.  Oops!

Hey everyone!

I was lucky enough to get another “snow day” today and thought I’d take the free time to do an update post. I posted last month about being back and such. I did pretty good for the first two weeks, I lost around 4 pounds, and then didn’t weigh for two more weeks. And you know what not weighing means: you’re eating bad and not exercising usually. I got back on track on counting calories again earlier in the week and have been exercising, so overall–all is going well.  The train has not derailed! 

Weight 2/9/11: 218

So that’s a “loss” of 0.7 since my last post, although like I said I had lost around 4 pounds, but gained most back, as the yo-yo trend goes. What can I say, I like to eat and can ALWAYS find an excuse not to exercise if I think long enough (aka a few seconds!)  🙂

I’m excited about next week’s number. I’m working a lot harder this week and actually “going without” some foods and such.  We are going to NEW YORK CITY (!!!!!!!!!!) for Spring Break in March so I’m trying to get some weight off before then. I realize that’s next month so it’s not like I can magically be smaller, but I look at it this way: If I have a fantastic month of weight loss, that’s a great kickstart to the overall lifestyle change, so win/win. 

Oh yeah, about NYC….we are going to see Janet Jackson at Radio City Music Hall as well as my favorite, WWE Wrestling at (wait for it…) Madison Square Garden!!!  And hoping for free tickets to see Wendy Williams (HOWYOUDUHHHHIIINN!?!!!) if she’s taping that day. Plus the sight seeing. I’m super excited, I just wish all the blizzards would let up so I could stop worrying about what might go wrong to cancel the trip!

Classes are going well this semester so far. Fitting in homework time sucks, especially since I loathe reading History, but I’m getting it done. Everything else is going good too.  Just this damn non-diet. I hate it, but it has to be, I guess.

My first month of New Year’s Resolutions work went well. I got some of my organizing done but as usual, I fell short on getting all my “to do” list done.  Gonna work on it some more in February!

How is everyone else doing? Have you gotten much snow in your area? A lot of you are my friends on Facebook and I have enjoyed seeing your snow pics!

Okay I have a roast in the crock pot and I think it’s time for Zumba or something. Just because it’s cold as all hell and icy outside, I won’t use that as an excuse not to exercise today 🙂
Btw, speaking of exercise, can I just say how much less I dread it now that I’m doing like Zumba, workout DVD’s, PS/Wii exercise games, etc than feeling like I have to “run” to lose weight?  We’ll see how the results go, but if I don’t lose weight I guess I’ll have to go back to jogging. But, I don’t see the difference because I feel like I workout a lot harder on those dance/etc dvd’s than the “jogging” I was failing at 🙂

See you next week for another update. I promise!



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