Hey everyone!

I was lucky enough to get another “snow day” today and thought I’d take the free time to do an update post. I posted last month about being back and such. I did pretty good for the first two weeks, I lost around 4 pounds, and then didn’t weigh for two more weeks. And you know what not weighing means: you’re eating bad and not exercising usually. I got back on track on counting calories again earlier in the week and have been exercising, so overall–all is going well.  The train has not derailed! 

Weight 2/9/11: 218

So that’s a “loss” of 0.7 since my last post, although like I said I had lost around 4 pounds, but gained most back, as the yo-yo trend goes. What can I say, I like to eat and can ALWAYS find an excuse not to exercise if I think long enough (aka a few seconds!)  🙂

I’m excited about next week’s number. I’m working a lot harder this week and actually “going without” some foods and such.  We are going to NEW YORK CITY (!!!!!!!!!!) for Spring Break in March so I’m trying to get some weight off before then. I realize that’s next month so it’s not like I can magically be smaller, but I look at it this way: If I have a fantastic month of weight loss, that’s a great kickstart to the overall lifestyle change, so win/win. 

Oh yeah, about NYC….we are going to see Janet Jackson at Radio City Music Hall as well as my favorite, WWE Wrestling at (wait for it…) Madison Square Garden!!!  And hoping for free tickets to see Wendy Williams (HOWYOUDUHHHHIIINN!?!!!) if she’s taping that day. Plus the sight seeing. I’m super excited, I just wish all the blizzards would let up so I could stop worrying about what might go wrong to cancel the trip!

Classes are going well this semester so far. Fitting in homework time sucks, especially since I loathe reading History, but I’m getting it done. Everything else is going good too.  Just this damn non-diet. I hate it, but it has to be, I guess.

My first month of New Year’s Resolutions work went well. I got some of my organizing done but as usual, I fell short on getting all my “to do” list done.  Gonna work on it some more in February!

How is everyone else doing? Have you gotten much snow in your area? A lot of you are my friends on Facebook and I have enjoyed seeing your snow pics!

Okay I have a roast in the crock pot and I think it’s time for Zumba or something. Just because it’s cold as all hell and icy outside, I won’t use that as an excuse not to exercise today 🙂
Btw, speaking of exercise, can I just say how much less I dread it now that I’m doing like Zumba, workout DVD’s, PS/Wii exercise games, etc than feeling like I have to “run” to lose weight?  We’ll see how the results go, but if I don’t lose weight I guess I’ll have to go back to jogging. But, I don’t see the difference because I feel like I workout a lot harder on those dance/etc dvd’s than the “jogging” I was failing at 🙂

See you next week for another update. I promise!