Happy weekend everyone!

Things are still going great here.  Isn’t that always the story of your first week “back” and fired up, though? 🙂

So you know how I was talking about doing different exercises besides walking/jogging so I wouldn’t be so bored and uninterested in doing them? Yesterday I was putting clothes in the dryer and saw my “Step” that I used for Step Aerobics back in the day, standing beside the dryer (dust covered, of course) and said “Hmmmm…”  Then I thought about how on Biggest Loser they did that challenge to get on the show where they had to do 500 steps and the first one that completed, won.  So I thought that sounded like a fun workout.  For record keeping sake, I timed myself and did it this morning to start my Saturday off riiiiiight!

I was able to complete the “500 Steps” challenge on my step-up thingie in a little over 18 minutes. Not too shabby! I think I could have gone faster, but this is a starting point, right?  There was a few moments I got super winded (because I added arm movements) so that might have slowed me down some. I was pleased! And def felt the burn.  Later I googled and saw that BL also did a 1000 steps challenge. Maybe in a few weeks I’ll try that, lol.  To get some extra time in, I went ahead and did 7 more minutes of steps, alternating pace and movement to get in an even 25 minutes of step-time. I didn’t count the # of steps in that time period though, because that was definitely the most annoying part of the challenge. I probably lost count a few times so I probably did a little over 500 in the 18 mins 🙂
Oh, I then jogged around the apartment like an idiot for 5 mins to get an even 30 min workout in. I have no idea how far that is, how fast I was going, etc, I just know my heartrate was up and I was jamming to Ke$ha on my Ipod and having fun, it def didn’t feel as sucky as the treadmill trap.   Most of all, I was exercising on a SATURDAY! For me that’s unheard of.

So the weekend is about half over and I survived my first night of not drinking. That is definitely my biggest sacrifice of all. I know that sounds bad, but some of you while on “diets” dream of ice cream, cakes, brownies, or fried chicken…and while I do love ALL of those things, I can do without them just fine most days: I just like to have my weekend drinking time. Friday and Saturday nights around here are for drinking with friends, playing the Wii (MJ game is AWESOME!!!) and karaoke, but for a while I’m having to stop that for the betterment of the cause.  Last night was kinda sad, it was like I had lost my best friend just sitting around on a Friday night, but I got through it. And today I don’t have a hangover like most Saturdays so that’s really good. I know I sound like an alcoholic, and maybe I have some of that in me, but I just like to drink on the weekends and have fun. It shouldn’t be an every weekend thing, though, and I’m making that change. Call it my “Ah-ha” moment 🙂

The weather here is supposed to FINALLY be great tomorrow (sunny and in the 60’s) so I’m planning to venture outdoors, enjoy the sun, and do some walking and maybe a little bit of jogging if I feel frisky. No pressure though 🙂    Last night I did a Richard Simmons DVD (don’t hate, he’s ridiculous but I find him funny and I could def feel my heart PUMPING during it!) for a Friday night workout session. I’m on a roll!  That makes me think of O’Charley’s rolls….mmmmm.  Wait, no no no!

Alright that’s enough of me babbling. Hope yall have a great weekend!  And I REALLY hope people are still reading my blog, I did kind of abandon it for a while.  Oops!