What a week this was for me. I had great sacrifices, a lot of hard work, and amazing results. Before I start, let me just say that for me this was pretty much a “week one” weigh in. Even though I rebooted in January and did pretty good for a few weeks, the end of January was pretty much a disaster of food and no exercise, so I think my body treated this as one of those great weigh-ins you get on the first week of a new diet/exercise plan. With that said, I still gave up a lot of my treats and am very proud of my results!!

Last week’s weight (2/9/11): 218
2/16/11 Weight: 208.3
Loss: 9.7 pounds!!

YES. NINE POINT SEVEN POUNDS. When the Wii Fit told me that, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. Ever. And I’m normally a pretty damn happy person! I really worked hard this week and think I deserve that good number. But, just to be sure, I weighed again and it said the same number. Whew!

As far as my big “sacrifices”, of course food intake was a lot lower. I mean, a lot. I was eating less calories than ever before, and counting every single bite I took in. I am not proud with how big a deficit I was getting because I don’t think it’s healthy in the long term. I have heard of the “starvation mode” concept if you eat too few calories, but I’m not exactly sure how that works. As far as exercise, I did workouts Wed, Fri, and SATURDAY!! (wow!) Then worked on a lot of cleaning/organizing Sunday, and walked 2 miles Monday at lunch. I took Tuesday off I was completely drained and then last night was the dreaded last minute homework night for online classes. Yuck. These could be excuses, but on the days I knew I wasn’t gonna work out, I made sure to keep a very, very close eye on my calories.

The big victory of the week was my “no alcohol this weekend!” pledge. Which, I’ve done so many times, and failed at so many times. This weekend, however, I did it. It was NOT easy. Friday night, especially. It was like my best friend had died or something. I just felt like it was the weekend, I should be drinking, but I didn’t. An amazing thing happened Saturday morning: I woke up without my usual Saturday hangover. I got up and felt great. I got a GREAT workout in, early early, and had a productive day. After this success, it made not drinking Saturday night a lot easier, and also led to a productive, hangover free Sunday as well. I learned I don’t have to drink every weekend, and obviously that helped my loss on the scale this week. For the record, I attribute most of my weight gain issues to alcohol and snacks, so this is big for me.

Now, my second victory: Valentine’s Day. I can’t begin to tell you how many treats people brought to work. Fresh donuts, cookies, cakes, mini candy bars, cupcakes, everything. I managed to avoid them all day, and then I got home and my mom had mailed me a CAKE for V-day, and I avoided it for like 3 days. I had a tiny square last night, and it was yummy, but not worth wrecking my week of victories over. I actually stood and watched my coworkers pig out on their cupcakes and yes, I did want one, but I just wanted to see if I could avoid them, and I did. I felt amazing for the self control. THEN, the next day, in a meeting we had more fresh donuts. I intentionally sat right in front of the box for the 45 min meeting just so I could smell them and see if I could resist them. I was the only person not to have a donut. I love it! Did I want one? HELL YES. I told one of my gals at work that I’d rather have a donut than my next breath. Joking, of course, (for the most part), but I don’t want anyone to think I’m not craving the foods they are loving. They’re my favorites too!

I felt like I had lost weight and in the end, I did. So far, this week is going great as well. I am planning on another weekend of victories and hopefully will have another good loss next week, but at the same time I’m not going to get discouraged if the number is low, because I had a hyoooge one this week. (That’s what she said!)

Oh: one more thing. I’m probably gonna do a separate post about this next week, but I stole an idea from Mary at www.amerrylife.com from a post she did about stacks of clothes that go with her through all her moves around the world that she never is able to fit into, but always wants to. I spent all day Sunday trying on pants (I had two big boxes of them) and put them into 3 piles. One would button but were too uncomfortable to wear. Two would not button, but should be able to in a reasonable amount of dieting/exercise time. Three wouldn’t button, and it’s gonna take a LOT of work to get back into. The saddest part is that Pile 3, the long shot pile, used to fit back in the day. (Pouty face). The reason I did this is because judging by my history of weight loss and what my “normal” weight was when I was in those clothes, I don’t have a lot of weight to lose according to the scale, but I have a lot more inches to lose, apparently. Hopefully this will give me goals to shoot for when the scale starts to stop moving. We shall see. Oh, I also took my measurements on Sunday and plan to take them every two weeks and see if I’m seeing changes there as well. I hate taking measurements. Not only are the results horrifying, but I always feel like I’m not measuring right, or fear I’ll measure the wrong area next time and think I lost inches when I really didn’t. Weird, huh?

Ok sorry for the long post, I just had to share my good news and bask in the glory of my victories of the week. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!