Today was a good exercise day, for me, who hates to exercise (but loves the post workout feeling). 

I’m trying so hard to not do the mistakes I did last year. I didn’t even realize they were mistakes until I look at how much differently I view exercise this time around compared to last time. Last year I set lots of goals. Do 500 miles of walking/jogging in a year, so many a month, jog/run at a certain time, etc. It put a lot of pressure on me and made me feel like a failure when I didn’t reach the goals and really made me dread the exercise even more.

This time, so far at least, I’m doing things a little different. I’m still challenging myself during workouts, but I’ve eliminated the ridiculous goals like “500 miles in a year”, “run a mile by March”, etc. When I got about a third of the way through the year last year, and realized I was sooo far off track to get to that 500 miles number, I felt like giving up and pretty much did.

Today I did sixty minutes of cardio and actually had fun (as much fun as you can have in the gym–let’s not go too far here…) I started off with 15 mins on the treadmill, then 15 on the elliptical, 15 on the bike, and 15 more on the treadmill. I took some breaks in between to catch my breath, but I was pretty much just doing what I felt like doing at the time, with no pressure or “goal” to reach. With that said, I still do have goals. For example, the elliptical is my new arch nemesis/friend. I have always had difficulty with the machine and was able to last 5 minutes on it on Thursday.  Today, my goal was to go a little slower and see if I could last 8 or 10 minutes. I hit the 10 min mark and felt tired, but wasn’t dying or anything, so I pushed on to the 15 min mark. It was tough, but again I was doing what I felt like doing at the time and it worked for me. Before I knew it, I had racked up an hour of gym time, which has to be some sort of a record for me. I felt proud! 🙂

I’m gonna see how long I can ride this style of working out and hope I see better results. Tomorrow I might do step aerobics or zumba or one of the Sweatin’ to the Oldies DVD’s. I might even do a Wii/PS3 workout. Who knows? Whatever I feel like as long as I’m moving. I think the biggest lesson is it’s easier for me to do this and compete against myself than to try to go on sites like dailymile, myfitnesspal, etc and see people running tons of miles while I can’t.  I wish I could, but not at that level, and I’m pretty far from being there and that’s okay!

Speaking of myfitnesspal, it’s my new obsession. I love the site. I have the iPhone app and it’s so useful to count calories and exercise. The community is great for support and almost has a facebook feel as far as posting workouts and getting feedback.  My username is craigversion2 so if you use it, add me as a friend–and if you don’t use it, check it out. Then add me, lol.  I found it thanks to Tyler at and have loved it once I got used to how to use it (not that it was hard to use…)

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have a bday party to go to tonight so there’s tons of room for failure. My goal is to not drink at all (yes, I said it…) and not blow the diet to hell on party food. Luckily, with the workout done for the day, I have that to think of…so when I think about eating bad food I just think of how hard it was to get that sixty minutes in–why undo that?  Exactly.

Peace out!