Hey everyone!

Well, after last week’s huge number, I felt dread for this week’s weigh-in. Not because I have been cheating or not exercising or anything like that, because I’ve busted my tail and done without pretty much everything, but more because I felt like I was gonna have an infamous “week two” weigh in and that scared me. As much as I know the scale is “just a number” it’s still the big event of the week to gauge how you’re doing when you’re attempting to lose weight. So let’s see how I did:

Last week’s weight (2/16/11): 208.3

2/23/11 Weight: 206.8
Loss: 1.5 pounds

Yes, a loss is a loss indeed. I guess I’m spoiled because I expected more only because it was a week filled with so many victories. I again did not drink on the weekend–AT ALL–huge for me! And at the birthday party not only was I the DD (not fun), but I also avoided the fancy expensive cake they had and only ate some chicken. I was way, way, way under my calories everyday. I exercised Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday, with especially hard workouts on Sat and Sun plus a lot of working in the apartment cleaning and organizing. I counted all my food and honestly did without a lot of things I wanted to indulge in. I guess the only issue was Girl Scout Cookies, which we got on Saturday. I forgot we had ordered them, honestly. And instead of taking them to work, I ate some of them–but, they were all factored into my daily calories so I don’t feel any guilt about that at all. I guess I’m saying all this to make myself feel better because I was hoping for a 3 or 4 pound loss, but after almost ten pounds last week, that probably wasn’t possible. No matter what the scale says, I’m happy because I’m progressing, I can tell my clothes are getting a little looser (or maybe just not as tight, hehe), and I’m not hating working out. OH–another victory: I managed to up my time I can last on the elliptical machine from 3 minutes to TWENTY minutes on Sunday! Granted, I wasn’t going crazy fast, but still–20 nonstop minutes. Win! My total loss for two weeks is 11.2 and that is way impressive so I’m happy. I’m also still loving myfitnesspal and strongly urge you to check it out if you haven’t already. It’s a great tool for support and an awesome way to stay accountable for your food. My user id is craigversion2 and I would love to be your friend on there as well!

I also wanted to touch on something and see if you guys agree. A big part of my weight loss attempt is fitting back into my old clothes. I’ve often said that my weight gain number-wise didn’t seem to match the degree to how I can’t fit into my old pants and shirts. If I had had to guess how much weight I had gained going only by how my clothes wouldn’t fit, I would have said a lot higher number. Does it make sense in me saying that I’m going to probably have a lot of weeks with low weight loss numbers and maybe have to focus more on measurements? I have a little over ten pounds to go till I get back around my “normal” weight of 195 (which is still high, I’m just saying that’s the weight I was for so long and when I was in those clothes…I want to go lower than 195…) And yet I still have a long way to go to fit into them. So I’m trying to make myself realize while the scale might say a low loss, it’s gonna be a slower journey inches-wise till I’m back in all those clothes. I took my measurements Sunday before last and decided I would take them every other Sunday: this Sunday is my first check in to see how they’ve changed. I’m excited for that! Patience is not my thing, and I need to work on that. I didn’t gain this weight/inches in a few weeks, so it’s not gonna leave in a few weeks, either.

Alright I’m gonna wrap this up. The weekend is still a bit away from starting but I probably won’t post before then, so I hope you all have a good one. My plan is much like it’s been the last few weekends: to not drink any alcohol, exercise, and stay under my calories. I’m also gonna try to go longer than 25 minutes on the elliptical, just because.

Oh yeah: THREE WEEKS till my New York City trip!!!!!!  Excited Am I! 🙂