Hey yall!

So I *think* I mentioned that I was going to be checking and updating my measurements every two weeks, on Sundays. Two weeks ago I measured for the first time and today is update time!

I lost an inch in my chest and thighs, as long as I’m measuring correctly, lol.  I am still getting used to taking measurements–I feel like I might measure in a different place one time than another, therefore making the results iffy. But the one I am focused on is my stomach/waist area, and it seems I lost 2 inches there. I know there’s probably a different place to measure your waist than your stomach, and I’ve ever googled it, but I’m still foggy on this. How do yall measure this area? Two different measurements or one?  It and my thighs are my areas that need to shrink the most.

To make my measurements more noticeable, I am also doing a method involving clothes that didn’t quite fit…or didn’t fit at all. As I said in an earlier post I put all my jeans that would be close to buttoning after some work in one box and jeans that were far away in another box.  I’m not close to opening those boxes, but two weeks ago I did have two pairs of jeans (and one shirt) that WOULD button, but I wouldn’t be comfortable wearing them at all, much less in public, and I pretty much couldn’t breathe in them.  Today, both jeans AND the shirt buttoned! They were still quite snug, but I could totally see myself going out in them and being okay (or just a little uncomfortable, hehe).  Regardless, I put them back on the top shelf and will check and see how they feel in two more weeks. Perhaps they can graduate to “hanger” status, aka “ready to wear.”   We’ll see!

I’m pleased with this update and like I said, there will probably be lots of weeks where I count on this way of measuring to see progress as the ratio of “pounds” I have to lose doesn’t seem to correspond with just how far away my old clothes are from fitting. Here’s hoping that both numbers go down in the coming weeks/months.  I want my suitcase for New York to have a variety of looks available!  🙂