When I started my life change on September 1, 2009, I had several goals. I have added more as I think of them. Below you will find my goal list. If I have reached a goal, I will include the date that I was able to do so.

-Lose ten pounds (9/22/09)

-Fit back into my “bigger sized” khaki pants for work I’ve outgrown (10/5/09)

-Fit into my birthday outfit for my birthday party (10/30/09)

-Lose twenty pounds (11/10/09)

-Lose thirty pounds

-Get below 200 pounds, hopefully before New Year’s!

-Maintain my weight during the Thanksgiving trip to my parents (or at least gain only one pound or less, if I MUST gain!)

-Get my 2 minute mile treadmill time down to 30 minutes.  (11/14/09–barely!)

-Jog for 10 minutes at 4.5 speed

-Fit back into my “normal sized” khaki work pants

-Fit back into my “real drawers/fake drawers”  jeans

I realize some of my exercise goals are kinda lame, but I’m not that fit and me no likey exercise 🙂