Are you tired of being healthy? Are you tired of putting on your jeans or khakis without a struggle and then being able to breathe in them? Has your belt gotten way too loose? Has going into a store and being able to buy clothes off the rack without even trying them on become somewhat of a bore? Do you find yourself no longer challenged by that walk from the store to the parking lot, missing that once desperate attempt it took to breathe after a simple short walk? Do you miss that flab?  Are you tired of eating lettuce? Aren’t you tired of running, really?

Do I have the deal for you! And best of all…my advice is all FREE!!! FREE FREE FREE!!

Follow my tips and you’ll be back to your sedentary lifestyle in no time. Couch to 5K? How about NO WAY, 5K??!! In fact, put those running shoes up…there’s no exercise needed here. No shoes, just lay back on the couch with that remote….it’s oh so comfy. Do you miss your Kit Kats, Hershey’s, and Little Debbies? Well guess what: they’re all back if you come with me. Back and waiting to add to YOUR back. Forget lettuce and celery. Pass the cheese sticks and ranch dressing. And don’t worry about making a list to plan all those meals out. BORING!!!! Just call the pizza delivery guy. He’ll be there in 30 minutes (or less!) with a piping hot delicious feast ready to sink your teeth into…and the best part is the only effort it will take is opening the box…and maybe answering the door if you live alone. Stop parking far away from the store entrances. That’s for the healthy people. In fact, steal the handicap spot if you can find one. They don’t need it!!  All that extra walking will do is burn a few extra calories–and that’s NOT the goal here! REST!!

Yes, follow my plan and you’ll have your old life back. It’s quite simple, really.

I guarantee your clothes will be tighter, or not fit at all. I guarantee that scale will climb, faster than you could ever imagine and faster than Miley Cyrus could ever sing about it. I guarantee you’ll feel sluggish, with many unplanned naps. And I guarantee that pesky energetic feeling you get after a good workout will go away forever. I guarantee your life will end faster and that you’ll start to avoid mirrors. But really: mirrors? Who needs them? Just look at old pictures.

Of course, this post was all meant to be a tongue in cheek look at how badly I’ve fallen off the wagon in the last few months. As in, I WAS KIDDING.  I do not advocate any of the things I just wrote about. Well, except maybe the ranch dressing (if you can find a lighter version–that stuff is great!) But that’s how my life started to change. I got lazy and I ate bad. Really bad. (But I didn’t steal any handicap parking spaces…)

Honestly yall, I am back!! For real. It’s been a long, long, LONG eventful summer…wild times, crazy times, stressful times, but everything has calmed down (for the most part) and here I stand, a survivor (I think.) Here’s a small recap for the dozens, if that many, fans I have on here:

–I moved. I have a GREAT new apartment with working air conditioning!! I feel like George and Weezie I moved on up so high, and I’m not sure but I *think* this is the East side? Anyway, there’s a pool (with a fountain in it!) , an exercise room (not that I’ve used it…) And it’s GATED! I feel so fetch!

–I got a new job. Long time readers will remember the woes of the hospital I was working at closing, leaving me and the Sookie monster homeless and hungry. The hospital didn’t close, but it was taken over by an evil equivalent of the Monopoly guy, and he cut half the jobs and all the salaries–BIG TIME. Luckily, I was able to get onto a lifeboat to our main hospital about 45 minutes away, and I have to admit, I really, really like my new job. It’s in accounts payable and I like the atmosphere, the people, everything. Of course, now that I’ve publicly said this, something horrible will happen, but I just wanted to say that I don’t dread going to work anymore. And that’s a great feeling. Knock on wood.  Can I just say how fun it is to pay bills when it’s not your money you’re using to pay them with? Awesome.

–Summer school. This is what almost killed me. I was taking two summer courses online at the same time. HYYOOOOGE epic mistake, combining that with all the other changes. I about killed all my friends, family, Sookie, and myself. I was sooo moody. Every night (and lunch break) was spent studying or doing projects. And I already hate all things related to school, but this was too much. I somehow survived, (with lots of junk food!) and actually ended up with A’s in both classes. If that’s not a miracle, I dunno what is.

So that was my shaken snow globe of a summer. New job, new apt, new town, and lots of school work. Unfortunately, that meant no exercise and lots of take out. LOTS of stress eating. Lots of alcohol on the weekends after school work and that all led to lots of extra pounds. Lots of stuff I didn’t need to be doing, but it is done and now it must be Undone! I started to get depressed because I FELT the weight coming back on. My pants were getting tighter. My cute button shirts were barely buttoning. Then I got out the “fat pants”…then THEY got tight. And that’s where I am right now, in the tight-fat pants and the cute shirts won’t fully button again. Sigh!

Sunday night, I got on the Wii for the first time in 115 days (it keeps track of all that stuff because it’s pretty rude) and was saddened to see my character on there pudge out again. My BMI radar scale shot up like a firecracker. I was *this* close to the obese range yet again, but I was STUNNED to see I was still just REALLY overweight. I had to laugh, because if it had been one eighth of a centimeter higher, one whisker away, it’d been obese, but it wasn’t. Yay?

Since I’m all BACK (!!!) and stuff, I also need to acknowledge the weight issue. Just how bad did I do? I FULLY expected to be back at my old weight when I started this blog, but was shocked to see I had “only” gained about 12 pounds. My weight I’m starting at now on the reboot is 210.1. Oh I miss you onederland. But I will see you again very soon!

The reason I thought I had gained so much back is that my clothes are all SO tight. That’s why I’m so surprised. I think I might have “only” gained 12, but I gained more mass (and ass!) I’m sure of it. That’s possible right? Oh well, just more that has to come off, too.

So what’s the plan? Going back to what worked before: counting calories, planning meals, less alcohol and snacks, and lots of exercise. It’s gonna take me a while to be able to jog again, but that’s the goal. The sad part is I had just bought those new running shoes before I fell off the wagon (and bounced, then got run over by the wagon behind it!) I used to weigh in on Thursdays, and I’m hoping to do something like that again. I might weigh in this Thursday, but it shouldn’t be a big difference since I just weighed Sunday night to check out the damage.  *Note, it took me two days to post this blog, so I’ll probably just weigh in NEXT Thursday for a status update/results show.*

We’re also doing a Biggest Loser game at work, so that will help keep me motivated as well. I’m on the Black team and hoping for domination!  I do have a bit of sad news even though I’m trying to stay pumped. About two weeks ago I did something bad to mess up my back big time. I had to miss a day or two of work because I couldn’t even stand up straight to walk. I even went to the (gasp) doctor. It was better for a while, but starting this past Saturday night or so I’ve started having issues again. I will be okay, but it’s a bummer because I really and truly planned on hitting the treadmill again this week but so far I can’t get through the pain to do any walking. That’s not me making excuses, because lawd knows I’d be honest if I just didn’t feel like exercising. I don’t like it and I am honest about that–but I know it’s necessary and fully planned on doing it. I started to wait another week to make my comeback, but damnit, I’m not. So while I’m hurtin, I’m focusing on chugging water and doing better on the diet. If I don’t start now, I am afraid of how much worse the damage will go. So let’s do this. Again.  (One more note—this isn’t gonna be “My Life, Take Nine”…because even though I’m sort of starting over again, I never really stopped fully. I was always thinking of the blog, trying to make some good decisions in the weeks I was making mostly awful ones, wondering about the weight, etc. The mindset was still there, just buried under candy, soda, and English Lit notes.)

FINALLY–I haven’t forgotten about ANY of you. While I was “gone” I still tried to read your posts and comment when I could. There’s a bunch of you that I follow not only through blogs, but on Facebook as well, and I’ve been cheering you on. I hope you will let me back into your lives and rejoin the battle of the bulge with you again. Some of you have been doing amazing things on your running plans (cough, Josie and Lynette)…and some of you have been doing damn half marathons (BRANDON!!!) and I’m SO proud of yall!  Note: If you did a great accomplishment and I didn’t mention it, I might not have read about it. I did have like 200 posts to read one day. I’d love to hear about it though, EMAIL ME!! I need motivational success posts to read!)

It feels good to be back. Sorry this post is so long, but I had a lot to get off my chest. Now I need to get it off my ass. Can I get a BOOYAH?????????????

Peace out, homies.



Hello friends,

May continues to be a crazy month full of ups and downs and unknowns. It’s like a big episode of LOST.  The first half of the month has been mostly good, but today I got some really bad news on the job front. As some of you know, my job status was up in the air…and today we got word that some positions would be eliminated. Perhaps worse, the ones that stay are getting big, big pay cuts.  I’m really depressed about this…like majorly, because I don’t come from a “money” family and it’s just me, myself, and I supporting me and the Sookie Monster. So we’ll see what happens. I’m trying to keep my head up, but it’s very tough.  And guess what that makes you wanna do? Eat. Badly.

I had my big job interview last Friday. It was my big hope and would end up being a promotion. It would probably result in a move, so I was excited and scared. I think I did well on my interview, I answered everything as best I could and I left with a good feeling. Unfortunately, there were six other applicants for the same job. One of which was a hot blonde. And since it was for an assistant position, I’m thinking who would the boss rather look at all day? The hot blonde…or me? Yeah, don’t answer that please.
Anyway, still no word on that…but there’s board meeting this month so I’m HOPING that’s why it’s taking so long. I thought the unknown was worse than bad news, but after today’s bad news I’m not so sure. Everyone at work today was walking around afterwards like a funeral scene. It definitely felt like one.

In other news, the diet is still a trainwreck. I realize it seems like I’ve given up, but I haven’t. Whatever I’ve gained I will work off once things calm down. No, really.  Really! I’ve weighed in here and there and I’ve gained some…I can definitely feel a gain as far as how I feel…and that’s gotten in my head as well and isn’t helping the depression at ALL. I’ve been eating so badly, but I promise I will not quit!

Tomorrow morning we leave for New Orleans. I’m so excited.  Wait, what’s that you say? You find out your job is in danger and a big, BIG paycut is coming and you’re going on vacation?  Yeeeah, have had it booked for a few months, so I’m still going. I’ll be bringing my own booze and eating as cheap as possible, but I still want to have as much fun as I can given the circumstances, especially since this will probably the last trip I get to take for a long, long time. My mood is more Debbie Downer than ever, but I’m gonna try.  Maybe we can find more karaoke?

I think that’s about it. I promise to get back into regular weigh-in updates and being all healthy and stuff in a week or two. I really appreciate all the comments, emails, and yall’s general friendship. It means a lot. Thank you for not forgetting me.  I love my blogging buddies so much!  😀


This has been one heck of a week! Work has been CRAZY. But in a good way. I had to go to some new training, and that put me behind on my normal stuff, so I was busy busy busy. But that’s not all…there’s a lot of (potential) changes coming up.  I wanted to update you on some of them:

*You may remember me blogging a few months ago about troubles with my job (long story short–governor wanting to close down a lot of mental health facilities, including our hospital…) so we’ve all been worried about the changes that are coming. But this week, a position opened up at our main hospital about 45 mins away. It’s the assistant to the director! I applied and I’m hoping I get an interview. Then, I’d *really* be Ugly Betty!!  I am not sure if it’d be a pay raise, pay cut, or whatever…but I’m interested in seeing what happens. Of course, I’ll keep you posted.  I’m excited.  Just the idea of change makes me giddy. And the town 45 mins away is close to several colleges…which leads me to…

*I registered for school! After months of deliberating, I finally picked the major. I’m going back to what I started on ten years ago: Accounting. I was in the program, then stopped. Then started back in nursing…hated it, stopped again. Took a five year break and now here I am, 30 years old, still with no degree. But that’s changing! I sent in my application today and plan to start classes NEXT MONTH! I’m doing one summer class to get back into the groove, as Madonna would say. I’m excited about this, too…especially after getting my transcript in the mail today and seeing how many classes I’ve already taken from years ago!

*What? This is a weight loss blog? Oh…about that…(frowns)

Week 35 Results:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 31 (4/8/10) 197.1 (-1.1)
Week 32 (4/15/10) 196.7 (-0.4)
Week 33 (4/22/10) 198.7 (+2.0)
Week 34 (4/29/10) 198.9 (+0.2)  
Week 35 (5/6/10) 199.1  (+0.2)
Total Loss: 35.7 pounds in 35 weeksComments: Contrary to what everything is saying, I’m not TRYING to get back into the 200’s…it just seems to be happening naturally.  All jokes aside, I’m off the wagon most days (mostly at dinner…) and exercise has really, REALLY been slacking. Did I even work out at all this week? Once, maybe? And May is gonna be crazy with the job situation and a trip to NEW ORLEANS (!!!) in a few weeks to get into some trouble!  But seriously, I’m not quitting. I’m trying so hard to not overdo it and just maintain while stuff is nutty. I thought about not posting this week b/c I gained, again, but I feel like whenever I quit posting, I’ll quit everything, and the scale will just keep going up, possibly even faster. And that just CANNOT happen! I like fitting into my jeans again!  So yeah things are a bit weird here, but eventually I’ll be back to my boring self…just maybe making a few extra bucks a month? 🙂

Quick note–I’m trying to keep up with everyone’s blogs and comment when I can. Today on Google Reader I had SIXTY SEVEN unread blogs! I was like, OMGBECKY!  Since I can’t comment you all, let me say I’m proud of all the losses I’ve been seeing and all the hard work you continue to do on your exercise regimens! Keep it UP!!!!

Oh, and before I go…HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all you wonderful mama’s out there. I’m a TOTAL mama’s boy…and DAMN proud of it!  Mama’s are the best thing ever…so enjoy your day!!!  😀


Week 34 Results:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 31 (4/8/10) 197.1 (-1.1)
Week 32 (4/15/10) 196.7 (-0.4)
Week 33 (4/22/10) 198.7 (+2.0)
Week 34 (4/29/10) 198.9 (+0.2)

Total Loss: 35.9 pounds in 34 weeks

Comments: Eh, nothing really to say about the weight. I don’t really consider that a gain, it’s so insignificant. I am VERY bothered by being so close to leaving “Onederland”…it’s a scary place to be that really plays with your mind and emotions.  However, I’m actually quite happy with this week’s number, because I was expecting a huge gain. Why? Because this past weekend was a 3-day weekend~! and I acted like Kirstie Alley meets Courtney Love with all the food and vodka I put into my body.

I really want an effing pizza.

I’m sorta kidding, but not really. I basically flipped off the ole lifestyle change for a few days. Of course I regretted it afterwards. Vodka, Pizza Hut, and all sorts of other bad choices. AND THEN, my planned exercise for the weekend didn’t happen–at all. So Fri, Sat, Sun, AND Monday: NO exercise. Granted, there were LOTS of storms (including four tornado warnings Saturday!!!) but still…the treadmill was right there. But when you feed your body pizza and alcohol, the end result is feeling like crap the next day and the last thing you want to do is exercise when you feel that bad. That brings me to my next topic…my lost exercise mojo.

I've lost my moooooojooooooo!

Last Thursday evening, I hit another goal when I reached 150 miles for 2010. I was so proud!! I still consider myself a walker, that jogs when I can…but still–150 miles was a big damn deal for me.  My overall goal for the year is 500, but I’m looking at it in smaller chunks so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. My next goal is 250. Anyway, how did I follow up my self esteem boosting accomplishment? By not exercising for four days. When I got back on the treadmill Tuesday something was…wrong. I couldn’t breathe right, my shins and ankles hurt, and this was only like 8 minutes into the workout. It was as if I had been off for four weeks, not four days. I struggled and panted and got through 2 miles. Last night was more of the same, but I got 2 more miles in. All the progress I had made with C25K seems to have faded away as now I struggle just jogging 3 minutes. Then I see all my other blogging buddies making such huge improvements on their run times, pacing, etc and I feel even more inadequate, because I’ve still not learned to stop comparing myself to others. Also, for the past few days, when I take a deep breath, I have a pain in my upper left part of my chest.  Weird.   Remind me to never take more than a day off again, okay?  Really. I’m still working to find my cardio mojo, and hopefully in a few days or a week I’ll be back to normal. If anyone knows where I left it, let me know. It was last seen on Thursday, April 22nd around 6:30pm!

Some more stuff going on:

The Coca Cola 10K is scheduled for this Saturday. I’m nervous as hell about it. Not that I have ANY intentions of “running it” but I just want to finish it.  6 miles is a lot to me. Like, how most of you think of a half marathon, that’s how I think of a 10k. I’m not even sure if I’ll be able to participate because the weather is looking horrendous for the weekend. Friday through Sunday it’s supposed to be another round of strong storms. We have time to register, I just hate to do it and not be able to participate due to weather. As much as I complain and hate exercise, I actually DO want to do the 10K because I’ve talked about it for a while and I think it’d be cool to say I did one. But in the rain? I dunno about that, Willis. My goal is to finish in 1hr 32 mins, and my secret inner goal is 1hr 30 mins…but I’ll take leaving in my own car with a smile with a worse time over leaving in an ambulance around the 4 mile marker.

–I’ve FINALLY figured out this Google Reader thing. It’s AWESOME! If you’re one of the blogs that I rarely (or never) comment on, it’s probably because I never knew when you posted because if it didn’t have an email link, I didn’t get a notification. But now they are all there in one place to read! Yay. I’m still adding subscriptions so hopefully in a day or two I’ll have everyone on there. I’m very happy about this, because there’s some great people and blogs that I follow that will slip my mind simply because I don’t remember to check their sites everyday.

Weekend Warriors #3:
Brandon is hosting another Weekend Warriors Challenge this weekend. Last month I failed and had to repeat it the next weekend, but that will NOT happen this time.  Here are my goals for the weekend:
–Complete the Coca Cola 10K race.  My goal is to finish it, period, but if I can finish in 1hour 32 mins I will be proud of myself. Anything lower than that is simply bonus points.
–Drink 80oz of water Saturday and Sunday
–Stay around 2000 calories Saturday and Sunday
–No alcohol all weekend. NONE! Ya hear me, Kirstie/Courtney?

And in a non-health goal, I also plan on cleaning my bedroom. It’s become super cluttered with boxes and books and clothes so I want to do some organizing and cleaning in there. It’s much needed.

If you think your diet derails on the weekends, please click the link above and join us! It really is fun and motivating to know people all over the world are working hard to stay on track with you over the weekend while you’re sitting there missing your favorite food or drink. You don’t feel as alone…at least I don’t!

Good luck to all my fellow warriors out there. Oh, and for all your horror movie fans out there, don’t forget the new Nightmare on Elm Street movie opens this weekend! I hope it’s good. We’re going to see it on Friday night I believe.  Thanks for reading!

Week 33 Results:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 28 (3/18/10) 201.1 (-2.2)
Week 29 (3/25/10) 198.6 (-2.5)
Week 30 (4/1/10) 198.2 (-0.4)
Week 31 (4/8/10) 197.1 (-1.1)
Week 32 (4/15/10) 196.7 (-0.4)
Week 33 (4/22/10) 198.7 (+2.0)

Total Loss: 36.1 pounds in 33 weeks

Comments: Ummm, what? 2 pounds gained. Yep, what can you do? Maybe it’s water weight. Maybe I didn’t do as well on my calories. Maybe I shouldn’t have drank Sat night even tho I budgeted it into my calories. But it’s done. I don’t see how this is possible with the 5K on Saturday plus exercising most other days as well…but like Jess said, the scale doesn’t define me.  But, at the same time, seeing a gain after a week of hard work is pretty depressing.

Oh well, time to start another week. Maybe next week will have better results. 

By the way, I decided that I *am* doing the 10K next Saturday (May 1st) as long as the weather is good. The weather will be the only factor that cancels it. So next week (Tue or Wed) I should have a better idea for sure, but right now I’m in. So if I gained 2 pounds after doing a 5k, will I gain 4 pounds after doing a 10K?  :/

I’m teasing….have a great weekend everyone!


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts for the past few weeks, Saturday was my first ever 5K “race.”  I put it in quotes because I didn’t really feel like I was a runner or racer so it just sounded silly to think of me competing against anyone.

And then Saturday happened.

I walked/ran the 5K in 43:18. I finished in 34th place overall, and 4th in my age group. Before you start throwing confetti on me and applauding, it’s not like there were hundreds of people running or anything. But still, I am *damn* proud of myself!!  My goals were to jog as much as possible, not finish last, and finish under 45 minutes. When I saw that 43 minutes beside my name I was like YAY!!!!  I have been averaging 15 minute miles on the treadmill (actually a little better here lately with the C25K program going on…) but I had heard how outside running was tougher. And, it was…but I did what I could. And I surprised myself with how many jogging spurts I was able to do! And that stuff about me not being a runner or a racer…well, while I still don’t think I’m up to the level of most people, I can tell you that the spark has been lit, if only slightly, by this race. It was something about being out there with all those people that made me push myself to go faster, run longer…and it felt good. Note: Not the “runner’s high” or anything (I still think that is not possible for me!) but it was something that made me competetive and able to do better.

Brad, Amy, and Me before the race

I did the race with my friends Brad and Amy. I knew a few other people there from Facebook and such. As we all lined up, there was a girl with us that said she walked/jogged and it seemed she was on our level as far as ability. When we started, we all started off jogging. Then we walked for a while. The girl from the starting point passed us when my shoe came untied (UGH!) and she was ahead of us for the majority of the race. I say majority b/c Brad kept saying his only goal was to beat that girl. I thought it was funny, especially because she was so nice. But I guess everyone needs a goal 🙂

Early on...feelin' proud!

The girl was ahead of us for a long while. She’d go out of sight for a while when we turned down roads, but then I’d see her ponytail again. We eventually started gaining ground on her and passed her (!!!!) in a jogging spell while she was on a walk. Yeah, we so planned it…waiting for the victim to be weak, lol. We were able to stay ahead of her the rest of the way and beat her! Yeeeeah! Somewhere along the race, that became my goal as well. hehe. I wonder if she noticed me keep glancing back at her as if I was running from a murderer? I sure hope not.

Around the halfway point...why am I taking pictures???

There was a HELLACIOUS hill around the 2 mile mark called “Cemetary Hill” (bc it’s beside a cemetary, of course…) and when I saw it I was like whaaaaaaaaaaat? We had been warned by the guy on the mic at the beginning about this hill, but when I saw it, after all the jogging, it seriously looked like Mt. Everest. We fast walked it tho…WHOO!!!  When I saw the finish line from a distance, I wanted to run the rest of the race to the end. And I did, except for about a 15 second walk break when I was just out of breath completely. But I finished it running…with a smile. A sweaty, red faced smile…and it was one of the proudest moments of my life!!!!


Moments after crossing the finish line!!

OMGBECKY…I was on cloud nine there. And that mood lasted all day and night, too! I would like to thank Beyonce, The Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, and several others for helping me finish. Seriously, I couldn’t have done this without my Ipod I don’t think. 43:18!!!  For my lazy self, that’s pretty good…I think?

Well, with one little exception. They informed us they’d be giving out medals after everyone had finished. I looked over and saw a shitload of medals on the table and thought, WHOOOOOHOOOO!!   Cut to me, already planning my new Facebook picture: me in my 5K shirt with my medal. Not because I won, I just assumed since they had 794,490 medals that all participants would get one, right?


Only the winners would…uh oh. So they started reading results. In my age group, random guys won 1st and 2nd place…and then, low and behold, my friend Brad won 3rd place! What?!? Yay for him, right? I was happy for him and all, but when I realized I was six seconds behind him in time, I got annoyed when I realized I wasn’t getting my damn medal! I should have tripped him or something. I’m just kiddin’ Brad (mostly…), you earned it. He’s in much better shape than me, and is a better jogger than me, and deserved it. But I still wanted it so bad!!!  I’ll take 4th place, I guess. Then my friend Amy won 2nd place in her age group! So I was the only one without a medal.  I only pouted for about a minute, so that’s something. I did want to cry, tho, when I saw them put all those damn medals back into the box. It broke my heart a lil bit. I mean really, what are they gonna do with them? Use them next year? Maybe I will get one then!

Brad and Amy

Brad and Amy with their effing medals.

Oh well, better luck next time! I still feel like a winner on the inside, if that counts!  I would like to point out, if I *had* won a medal, I woulda wore it the whole day, that night at the bar, and I probably woulda slept in it and still be wearing it today as I’m typing this post. I DEFINITELY woulda wore it to work tomorrow!

So what’s next? Well, continue with the C25K program, of course. I’m going to repeat Week 4, aka Death Week, because I definitely don’t feel I’m ready to progress to week 5. Week 4 is the hardest thing ever, but damnit, I’m gonna do it.  They announced another 5K in May and I think we’re gonna do it since this one was so much fun. But there’s something else coming up…

A 10K.   *gulp*

That’s twice what we did Saturday. The thing is, it’s here in my town and a really big deal. The Coca Cola 10K. People from all over come here to run it. I was checking out the site today and some of the times from last year that are still posted are just incredible.  Thankfully, there were some slow people like me there, too. They have a 2 hour limit. Surely I could do six miles, right? I mean, I’ve walked four or five at one time…and with that atmosphere going on, I could do six. Maybe? Thoughts?  I just don’t know if I’m at that level yet. Oh did I mention it’s in two weeks? Yep, May 1st.  Not much time to prepare, but whatcanyado? It’s only once a year and I kinda wanna do it. It sounds SO cool. I’m gonna debate and try to make my decision before Thursday’s weigh-in post. I’ll be accepting votes from you guys on whether to do it or not until then. Feel free to call me crazy, I might just be crazy.

WHO IS THIS PERSON THAT IS POSTING ABOUT BEING EXCITED TO DO 5k’s and 10k’s???? Oh wait, it’s me!!  🙂

Today marks 8 months since I started my new lifestyle! Here are the results for week 32:

Week 32 Results:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 28 (3/18/10) 201.1 (-2.2)
Week 29 (3/25/10) 198.6 (-2.5)
Week 30 (4/1/10) 198.2 (-0.4)
Week 31 (4/8/10) 197.1 (-1.1)
Week 32 (4/15/10) 196.7 (-0.4)

Total Loss: 38.1 pounds in 32 weeks

Comments: Normally, after a week that featured extra exercise, a weekend warriors challenge, AND killing myself on Couch to 5K Week 4, I’d be really depressed about these numbers. But, like I said on my WW post, I had some bad food choices and unfortunately, those carried over throughout the week (at times) so I can’t complain too much. I’m just glad I didn’t gain! So all is well here and I’m so close to 195, which is a big deal for me personally 🙂

Other randomness:

I tried the KFC “Double Down” sandwich on Monday. Yes, I called ahead to make sure they had it. Yes, I had the release date on my calendar. No, I’m not ashamed of any of this…lol. It was *so* good!!  I was surprised to hear the grilled only had like 80 calories less than the fried.  Anyway, I got the FRIED because I was going all out for that bad boy. In the end, it was super delicious. I didn’t get the “sauce” (described as a spicy mayo like texture) because it looked creepy and icky. I loved it but realize I can’t eat it that often or else I’ll REALLY be headed out of onederland

Couch to 5K Update: I’m on week 4, and it’s evil and killing me. I’ve had to slow my jogging pace down during the ridiculously long running segments and that’s slowed my overall pace down. This surprises me because I figured with the majority of the time on there running my pace would be better. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna repeat week 4 next week, because I think the idea is you’re supposed to advance to the next week when you’re comfortable, not when you still think about calling an ambulance after finishing.

Real 5K Update: This Saturday I’ll be participating in the Holly Springs Pilgrimage 5K Walk/Run. I’ve been looking forward to this day for months (really)…it’s my FIRST EVER 5k! Now, let me clarify something. I appreciate all the support and how proud several of you are of me but…I don’t want anyone to be misled. I have no intentions of “running a 5k”. I mean I do, eventually, but not this one. This is just me putting my toes into the water and seeing how I can do. My goal is to do a respectable time, jog as much as possible, and get me a starting point so that I’ll have a time to work towards improving for the next 5K. I really am excited for the whole experience and I have two friends doing it along with me to keep me motivated! The only bad part is there’s a chance of rain for Saturday, which would, of course, damper our plans…but luckily the chances are low. (Crossing fingers for sunshine at least that morning!)

I guess that’s about it…Oh, one more thing: I got my bloodwork results back yesterday and my blood count level was like seriously low. Like, scaryness low. I see my doctor today and I know I’ll be given a long lecture about taking my iron pills (I don’t because they make me feel really yucky) but seeing that low number has super scared me. I’ll post any updates if anything big changes (like, if they were to put me in the HOSPITAL to give me blood or something, lol.)  The funniest part was I was getting my results printed yesterday and the receptionist, the RECEPTIONIST even went “ooooh!” when she saw the number.  And then said, “Yeah you do look a little pale.”  Umm, ya think? I’m always pale, probably because I don’t take the dang pills!

Okay yall, have a wonderful weekend!!! Think of me Saturday and pray that I don’t leave the 5K in an ambulance and/or bodybag!! 🙂

Alright…as my previous post stated, last week’s Weekend Warriors challenge was such a horrible failure. Just horrid. So I wanted to repeat it this week. I want to start by saying I had no “calorie goals” because I knew I had a cookout to go to and it would be impossible to really track, but I wanted to do my best.  So with that said, here were my goals and how I did:

Walk/Jog 5 miles  (Done! I did 3 on Saturday in the park (with 2 jogging spurts…whew!) and then 2 miles today on the treadmill today as part of C25K (more on that in a minute)

Complete C25K Week 2 Start C25K Week 4 (this goes with the first goal for the most part…) A week has gone by, and I completed week 3, so I had to alter this goal appropriately. Since MY FIRST 5K (!!!) is this Saturday (!!!!!!!!), I changed my C25K days to Sun-Tue-Thu to give myself a rest day so I don’t die at the 5K on Saturday. That would be quite a Debbie Downer moment, huh?  Anyway, done! (And more on this in a bit…) Likin’ this tease?

-Drink at least 80oz of water each day   Done!  It was right at 80 yesterday, and today was a little over. Success!

-Do 50 Squats, 50 Crunches, and 50 Jumping Jacks both days— Pass! After all the walk/jog moments, I admit I was very weak, but I did them. I’m sure Bob or Jillian would criticize my form and yell at me, but damnit, I tried…and I did 50 of each, both days. Now if I will be able to walk tomorrow or not, we’ll see…

I’m very proud of succeeding on my Weekend Warriors goals and hopefully I made up for last week’s diaster. My only complaint about this weekend was my food choices. The cookout was bad (I mean, it was really fun, but bad diet wise, lol…), with a few desserts and some alcohol, but not the usual crazy binge I would do. I did TRY to cutback, lol.  Today I’ve been so BLAH and have made more bad food choices (effing leftovers…) but again, nothing that you’d see on a Lifetime movie where someone binges. 


So today I started Week 4 (Day 1) of the Couch to 5K program. Basically, it was a 3 min run (jog), lil walk, a FIVE MINUTE run (jog), a lil walk, another 3 min run (jog), and ANOTHER FIVE MINUTE RUN (jog)…Oh My GOD.
I have never, ever, been this close to just collapsing off the treadmill. I’ve joked around about it, but really, the last few steps to get my mileage at an even “2” after the last running section, it was like I was walking on fake legs or stilts. And keep in mind, that was with some walking breaks and it was only 2 miles of the madness. How on earth do you runners do this? I’ve said it before, but I just want to repeat myself, you runners are AMAZING. I am struggling big time (but not quitting) and just stood there afterwards thinking about people that run 5, 10, 13, etc miles at one time and thought, really? Really? I don’t know if I’m a runner, or if I ever can be a runner, but I really wanna see how far I can go in this C25K thing because even tho this hurts, pushing myself is fun. And even tho I’m aching right now, I’m so proud of finishing today’s workout.

Have a great week everyone. And you runners out there….damn, just damn. You go, runners!  You have my UTMOST respect!!   🙂

Week 31 Results:
Start (9/1/09): 234.8 

Week 26 (3/4/10) 206.4 (+2)
Week 27 (3/11/10) 203.3 (-3.1)
Week 28 (3/18/10) 201.1 (-2.2)
Week 29 (3/25/10) 198.6 (-2.5)
Week 30 (4/1/10) 198.2 (-0.4)
Week 31 (4/8/10) 197.1 (-1.1)

Total Loss: 37.7 pounds in 31 weeks

Comments: I’m very satisfied with my restults this week after a less than stellar week. My weekend warriors challenge was a huge fail (more on that in a minute…) and I had a few bad food days (nothing huge, just some bad choices)…because I have had a very stressful week work-wise. In fact, today (Thursday) is shaping up to be possibly the worst day of my life. I suffer from severe anxiety situations (attacks?) and last night was so bad I didn’t eat. And when *I* miss a meal, you know something’s up. But, missing that meal probably helped the weigh-in.  I still haven’t eaten, because my stomach is in knots…and I have no desire at all to do so in fear I’ll throw up. BUT ANYWAY…moving on…

Weekend Warriors Update: Last weekend I had several goals: Get in 5 miles, 80oz of water each day, and 2 strength training sessions. Results: F as in FREAKIN’ FAILURE! I didn’t exercise at all, drank alcohol Saturday night like a hobo lush gone insane, and spent all of Saturday finishing an awesome book (“Horns” by Joe Hill–tremendous) from the comfort of my huge recliner. The result was a huge sick hangover on Sunday from too much vodka and karaoke, so I paid the price…and luckily could barely eat that day. So yes, true and complete failure.
The results: I’m repeating the challenge this weekend. I was gonna write “as punishment” but I really don’t look at it as punishment. I wanted to participate, got off track, and plan on getting it right this time…so that’s not punishment. This new lifestyle is about not quitting when you slip up…and that’s what I’m doing–NOT quitting!

Couch 25K Update:
Last night I finished Week 3, Day 2 and I’m doing very well. I even did a little “bonus” jogging afterwards. It’s tough, and I still hate running, but I’m doing it. Friday is Day 3 and then next week is the DREADED Week 4. I mean really, how do you go from doing 3 minute runs to 3 minute runs, a 90 sec break, then a FIVE MINUTE RUN? That’s quite the leap…but I digress. I’m gonna give it my all and see what I can do. Like my internet trainer and butt kicker Jess says, I CAN DO IT. (At least I hope I can…we’ll see.)  She says it’s mind over matter and I believe that.

So this week definitely had it’s ups and downs, but all is well because the ship is still in the right direction. I am only TWO POINT ONE POUNDS from reaching my “normal” weight of 195. That’s a huge goal for me. When I say “normal” I don’t mean “goal weight”…normal is just the weight I was at for years and years when I was happiest. My next goal is 190, then 185, which is my lowest weight I can remember being in 2008 during a Biggest Loser challenge. Baby steps, baby steps…and I’m crawling closer and closer to each goal everyday.

Have a great weekend everyone. I seriously do not know if I could do this without you. It’s almost been EIGHT MONTHS on this new lifestyle and it feels like my new LIFE.  All of your comments, personal stories, and motivation really keep me going and hold me accountable when I think about going off the path. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive group of blogging buddies and I am sending you all a virtual hug right now thanking you for all you do to help keep me going.

NOW…pray for me that I make it through this day…it’s going to be ROUGH.

Hey all,

Just a quick post to get in my Weekend Warriors #2 goals. This is the second time that Brandon has hosted this challenge to keep us on track, since weekends are usually the time the train goes off the caloric track!

My goals:

-Walk/Jog 5 miles
-Complete C25K Week 2 (this goes with the first goal for the most part…)
-Drink at least 80oz of water each day
-Do 50 Squats, 50 Pushups, and 50 Jumping Jacks both days

As you can see, there is no “calorie” goal. I’m going to try to do as well as possible eating wise, but I have several roadblocks to overcome so I’m gonna try to make up for some damage in exercise 🙂
On a related note, my semi-calorie-goal is to only have one Easter treat–a lone Reese egg. I bought it at Wal-Mart today. They are my favorite. I used to buy 3 packs of eggs, six to a pack. Today I bought one single egg. Progress right?

Happy Easter to all my fellow Weekend Warriors…and everyone else too!



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